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I believe conductor purity, size, and cable design can result in audible differences but never thought that it could result in a noticeable difference in digital cables. I understand crosstalk in poorly designed data cables will cause problems but most manufacturers avoid that. I have not attempted blind A/B comparisons because it is a pain to do properly. From my use of the product, I have not seen or heard anything in my system to change my original opinion. I still buy cables like this because they are really well made and I like high quality in everything I buy. When they are on sale, the extra price is worth it for at least a couple reasons. They look way better and allow me to better understand my cable routing. If you have a receiver, multi channel surround, and lots of AV components connected to it, you know how crazy the cable clutter can get. Using a variety of different cables makes it so much easier to figure out which cable goes where without having to label them all. Also, the thicker jackets will keep the conductors farther away from the magnetic fields created by the higher current conductors like amplifier power cords. It is not always practical to avoid running them parallel or in close proximity so the extra distance at least helps. My only complaint is that the robust ends are sometimes too large for certain components due to the spacing on the I/O ports. The basics line from a large internet retailer is a better value but I still do not regret picking up the Pangea. I dont mind paying more if it is an item that I intend to use for a lifetime.

- Mike K, WA
A piece of harmony

What is a set up? Each piece of equipment all harmonizing with each other from the wall to your ears and eyes to give you best audio and video experience possible. Ive learned that HDMI cables play a huge part in that harmonizing role! With the addition of more and more components into your system, comes the addition of more and more cables. What suddenly now becomes uninvited to join your set up? Noise floor! Whats the best way to reduce or eliminate noise floor? Strategic positioning of components and properly shielded cables are a great start. The HD 24PCe is an awesome cable constructed with top-o-the-line copper, and its silver plated, whats so special about that??? The conductivity. Silver has the highest rate of conductivity, followed by copper, then gold, check your conductivity table, you might be surprised at what some folks are using and saying how good it is!! What can you do now to improve this cable? Give it triple shielding. You can bet these cables are in my set up. Every move I make, each and every purchase I make, is to improve harmony between my components and Pangea cables have helped me to accomplish that goal. I really enjoy my home theater and 2ch set ups. Its more than just good sound, its the harmony that takes place before you see or hear it. Thanks Pangea

- Geoffrey L, WA
No snake oil here

I just got these cables today connected from my Bluray player to my Receiver and then to the Sony XBR70X850 UHDTV. What the other reviewers say is true. Much improved sound and Video all the way around. Well worth the money for the improvement .

- Steve L, MA
These cables are no small upgrade

Skeptical if these cables are a worthy upgrade? I was, because I already had some pretty good HDMI cables...double insulated, gold plated connections bla bla bla. Bought a pair of the HD 24PCe HDMI cables, one from the Blu-ray to the AV Controller and from there to the TV. I and was absolutely awestruck by the brilliant picture I was now seeing on the TV, razor sharp images, deeper colors, picture depth, increased black levels with hold on to your seat sound, the center channel is much clearer and voices and more legible, deeper bass impact really woke up the subs, improved soundstage, and much better surround imaging. It was a whole new experience, so now I have to go back through my Blu-Ray collection and watch them all over again, because it is like watching them for the first time.

- Robert H, TX
better than hoped for

I realized my weak link for blue ray concerts was my entry level vizio cable. Strong bass was missing with the Metallica Magnetic concert among others. With the Pangea not only did I get the strong bass I was missing but also greatly improved high frequencies. Color also was better although I am still running another brand entry level to my Samsung HDTV for video only. Lately Ive upgraded my system with a Martin Logan sub, NAD cd w/ Kimber Kable connects, and Audio Quest speaker cable. All have been well worth the modest expense. Its also interesting to read that my home theater receiver is an entry level Dennon.

- terry s, PA
Big upgrade

I recently replaced stock HDMI cables feeding a Sony Blue Ray player and DIRECTV receiver into a new 60 inch Samsung LED display with these Pangea cables and am kicking myself for not doing so sooner. I have always been fairly skeptical of snake oil claims made by many manufacturers and video/audiophiles, but the difference in performance with these HDMIs was immediately noticeable. Color rendition is more vibrant and natural, and the picture is simply sharper and smoother, if that makes any sense. Though not a 3D television, the already impressive depth of field is further improved. I use audio outs from both devices to a 2-channel preamp so cannot directly attest to any improvements in audio performance but can only surmise the same results are to be had. Criticisms? No, but I guess I could say the cables are thick and rather stiff and thus not as easily managed as others, but thats about it. I added these at the same time as a Furman PST8D power strip/conditioner - see my review for that product - and believe that is equally responsible for the overall performance upgrade. The Furman and Pangea products provide excellent value in my book, they may not be the most glamorous elements of your system, but theyll give you some of the best results. Highly recommended.

- Paul B, VA