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Nice Upgrade!

After upgrading to the new Sony Bravia BX420, I decided to update my cables, too. I replaced my Munster HDMI cable with the Pangea HD-26L. I really noticed a difference, expecially in the black levels.

- Tad R, NJ
Great HDMI Cable!

Replaced a normal good quality HDMI cable with this Pangea 26L. Three things were easily apparent. One - better sound from TV! Two - better dynamic range in the picture, especially black levels. Three, a more film like quality to the picture. This is a great cable - especially for the money.

- Dan S, IN
Very solid cables

I got 4 of these hdmi cables to Run my blue ray Xbox and receiver the picture is a little cleaner and sound is ok how ever the cables are hard to maneuver but they are well constructed also cant beat the price so yes I recommend then to any one looking for good cables

- Leo O, MD