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Good Isolator For Halo Amp

Very good isolator for my Parasound Halo power amp. I heard an immediate improvement. Bass must be getting into the Halo. With Mega feet much less is getting through.


Do they work? Yes they do. Everything sounds just a little bit better: smoother highs; better imaging and depth; a mellower, "throatier" sound to horns and woodwinds: and better defined bass. All of these improvements are subtle, but audible, and for $49.95 for a set, I can't think of a better bargain in the world of tweaks.

- Basic A, MN
More Noticeable Improvement Over Time

I initially thought I heard a slight improvement. Yesterday, I spent some more time listening and continue to hear dramatic, noticeable improvements. To me, this was $50 very well spent.

- Kevin H, MO
Work For Me

I've tried many other types of iso-feet. Most collapsed under the weight of my vintage power amps. The Mega feet have held up for over two months now with no sign of collapsing. They definitely isolate well. I do here a difference of greater clarity. The top end is more airy and spacious. Another side benefit is that they raise my amps off the platform an inch or so and that give the amps more ventilation. They are running cooler. They work for me.

- Marco M, SD
Im keeping these

I bought some Pangea Mega Large Sorbothane Feet and put them under my VIncent CD-S7 player thinking I would try these to find out if they worked, with the expectation of returning them. Im keeping them!!! They render a subtle but noticeable relaxation and spaciousness to the sound. Im amazed.

- Danlee M, CA
Im amazed a little change made a Mega Improvement.

I have to describe the effect of Mega Feet on my amp as suddenly making it sound clean. Im hearing details that I never heard before. Im amazed a little change made a Mega Improvement.

- Francis G, OR