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Great Value From Pangea

Another excellent Pangea product at a reasonable price. Good isolation for my tube preamp.

- Gordon G, CA
Must-Have Accessory

Bought these to use lighter weight components to isolated vibration for a clearer cleaner sound on tube system. If you want to really want to hear what everything really sounds like, this is a must have accessory.

- Johnson k, KY
Yes, They Work

Do these things work? I would say "yes.". The improvement is subtle but it's there especially if you have high-end gear. For a cheap boom box these are a total waste of money.

- Jeffrey P, OK
Yes, I Hear A Difference

This is a very good isolator. Make sure that you get the right ones these are for lighter-weight gear like CD players and preamps. I use mine under my Oppo blu-ray. There's a subwoofer not too far away and I was worried about the vibration. The BIG question is can i hear a difference? Yes, I hear a subtle improvement in clarity. I'm using the Oppo as my music server into a Musical Fidelity DAC.

- Christopher R, AL
Great things come in Pico-size packages .....

I purchased a set of four Pico footers for a new Cambridge Audio Azur 350C. Having used other sorbothane footers for years, I purchased them having a good idea of the improvements I would hear in the sound from the Azur 350C. The details in the sound with which the footers prevent the vibrations of the rig from interfering, throughout the acoustic spectrum, is wonderful to my ear - no matter how many times I hear this effect. Wonderfully textured and subtly timbred bass, holographically life-like mids and highs that I describe as gently undulating waves of shimmering light only begin to describe what I hear which previously had been concealed by the undamped vibrations in my CD player source. For just under $30 for a set of four, they provide an unparalleled bang-for-buck to this audio path - taking my listening experience using it to whole new realms of musical insight and sonic delight.

- Steve B, PA
Great Little Upgrade Under My DacMagic

I put 4 of these little pods under my DacMagic for better isolation from my audio rack..Instantly I received much tighter/defined low-end from my Klipschs..For only $29 you cant go wrong and they stick to the chassis which makes dusting and cleaning much easier..I thought my DacMagic sounded great when I added the Pangea P/S..Im very pleased!

- Craig A, UT