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Tangible Difference? Yes.

I dIdn't believe that these USB cords actually produce a tangible difference in audio quality. I didn't buy it for that purpose. I bought it because I wanted a well-made, well-insulated cable that eliminates the potential for any electronic interference. And, for that purpose, these are very high quality cables. I use this cable to connect my Mac to a Schiit Bifrost DAC. To my surprise and delight my sound changed. The differences were not subtle. And the longer I listened the more I liked it. Voices and instruments sound - well - just right. Bass is more elaborate and detailed. Wider than average soundstage. Classical, electronic and classic rock sound fantastic. A sweet and unexpected improvment.

- Edwin, RI
High performance-low cost

I am very impressed with my new half meter Pangea Audio Pure Silver USB cable purchased as an upgrade to generic usb cables I used previously connected to my LH Geek-Out 100 usb dac with an Audioquest Jitterbug in line. I am somewhat amazed at the quality of music sound I get from this combination now with the Pangea in line. This high quality of sound is good enough to be a main source in my speaker based rig that features some really good "stuff" in it.....

- John V M, MI
Cables do matter...even for USB

As I write this review I am listening to this cable hooked between a Toshiba Satellite 17 Laptop and an Ifi Nano iDSD DAC Headphone Amp driving Sennheiser Momentums. The music was being played back via Foorbar2000 v1.3.8 and the laptop was running MS Windows 10. I began by listening to Queen Love Of My LIfe from A Night At The Opera using the USB cable supplied with the iFi DAC. This track was recorded from the Mobile Fidelity pressing of the same LP at 24/192. The default cable performed well and some might think nothing would be gained by replacing this cable. This is not the case. I switched the cable and listened to the same track again. The definition and low level resolution improved immediately with the addition of the Pangea Pure Silver USB cable. The performance was different enough to make one think this was a different DAC, different headphone amp or different headphones. I continued to listen to other high resolution digital tracks and all of them benefit from the Pangea cable. I am impressed enough that I plan to replace all of my audio USB cables with the Pangea Silver cable. Try one, you will not regret it.

- ED A, MD
Amazing sound quality

After trying Pangea power cables and being impressed with their quality, I decided to try this USB cable as well, mostly out of curiosity. I was already running AudioQuest Carbon USB, iMac to Musical Fidelity V-LINK192, so I really did not expect to see much improvement. Anyway, after installing Pangea silver USB cable I was surprised. Guess what? It did improve sound, and it was quite obvious. I did A/B test at least a few times to make sure I was not imagining what I was hearing. Compared to AQ Carbon USB, Pangea silver USB had much better highs extension, more transparent higher mids and highs, and overall more balanced and natural sound. AQ Carbon sounded very good, I mind you, but it did sound darker compared to Pangea and not as open. And thats with a Pangea cable out of the box - a few hours of use only, while AQ Carbon had hundreds of hours already. Excellent job Pangea; highly recommended!

- Larry P, GA
USB cable that makes an audible difference in sound quality!

Who would have thunk it......a little, ol USB cable making an audible difference in sound quality! The Pangea shocked me by making an easy to hear, positive audible difference, when compared to my stock USB, right out of the box. The only way I can describe it is that suddenly the music had rounded rather than angular edges and became much more natural sounding than digital music often sounds, even when played through a nice DAC like mine . Sounds kind of crazy, but Im pretty critical with how I listen and very selective with equipment. Speaking of which, the construction isnt too shabby either !! Thanks for helping me to rediscover my MacBook Pro music collection once again.

- Bill S, PA
Whats Going on Here?

Bought this cable on a lark. Thought Id try it between my MAC and V-DACii. Whooa! Noticed an immediate no-foolin improvement. Cleaners highs, but also way better bass. Whats going on here? I thought USB cables were digital and would be no different.

- Paul S, MI