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Amazing sound quality

After trying Pangea power cables and being impressed with their quality, I decided to try this USB cable as well, mostly out of curiosity. I was already running AudioQuest Carbon USB, iMac to Musical Fidelity V-LINK192, so I really did not expect to see much improvement. Anyway, after installing Pangea silver USB cable I was surprised. Guess what? It did improve sound, and it was quite obvious. I did A/B test at least a few times to make sure I was not imagining what I was hearing. Compared to AQ Carbon USB, Pangea silver USB had much better highs extension, more transparent higher mids and highs, and overall more balanced and natural sound. AQ Carbon sounded very good, I mind you, but it did sound darker compared to Pangea and not as open. And thats with a Pangea cable out of the box - a few hours of use only, while AQ Carbon had hundreds of hours already. Excellent job Pangea; highly recommended!

- Larry P, GA
Whats Going on Here?

Bought this cable on a lark. Thought Id try it between my MAC and V-DACii. Whooa! Noticed an immediate no-foolin improvement. Cleaners highs, but also way better bass. Whats going on here? I thought USB cables were digital and would be no different.

- Paul S, MI