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Excellent value and performance

I bought a 2m Pangea Audio USB cable 6 months ago and has work flawlessly supplying hi-res audio to a DAC. You cant go wrong especially with a 30-day AA money back guarantee. But you wont send it back, I guarantee that!

- Scott A, CA
I didnt hear that before!

When my supplied usb cord for my Nuforce uDac2 failed I decided to buy a the USB-PC to replace it {mostly because it was inexpensive but looked cool}. The cable arrived the day AA said it would. To my surprise the cable made a big musical difference. I actually heard a subtle drum beat I had not heard before in the track I was enjoying.

- Mark F, CA
A must have with Muical Fidelity Vlink

This USB cable makes a huge difference between the AQ Forest cable I was using with the Musical Fidelity Vlink. Prodigious bass improvement, and the vagueness in low volume background detail has been changed to sharp focus. Theres no question in my mind now that a better USB cable makes an audible difference with asynch USB

- Dave E, VA