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I was really hoping this wouldnt make a difference!

Ive been in the group of non-believers regarding USB cables. For the last 2 years Ive been using a $3 USB cable from my dedicated Mac Mini music server to my USB Dac and blissfully enjoying music. After reading reviews of the Pangea cable and knowing I could return the item if it made no improvement, I ordered the cable. Well, I was completely floored. The improvement was not one of those ridiculous, placebo subtle things but dramatic and noticeable within a few minutes. Primarily, depth in recordings and substantially more clarity in lo frequencies. I also noticed a lot less noise. This cable is a real bargain and joins Amarra as upgrades with over the top price to improvement ratios.

- Th B, CA
An outstanding value and amazing performer.

I purchased this cable to upgrade from a high quality data cable. The performance improvements were far from subtle, the most striking being an enormous opening up of the soundstage and far more articulate spatial cues. Apparently this cable deals VERY effectively in reducing phase smearing as well as greatly reducing, if not eliminating EMI/RF intrusion into the signal chain. Second most noticeable improvements were increased smoothness, clarity and articulation in both high and midrange frequencies without any loss of focus. Bass was also improved, noticeably. Differentiating between string, electric and snyth basses with the Pangea cable is now effortless.. I repeatedly switched, about six times, between the Pangea Cable and the old USB cable to make sure my observations were correct and not simply psychologically-based halo effect favoring the new item. The differences between calbes were especially noticeable when listening to expertly recorded, Hi-Res recordings. The new 24/192 version of Jazz at the Pawnshop or any of the multiple, Hi-Res recordings being offered by audiophile labels really spotlighted differences in the two cables. Even well-recorded, bit-perfect, flac files ripped from CD and played through JRiver on the digital medial player showed the same improvements as the high-rez recordings when using the Pangea cable. For poor recordings, well, they still sounded rotten, but a little smoother. Sadly, this isnt a magic cable capable of performing miracles...Oh well... In all, Im ridiculously happy with this purchase. I have compared it to a few high-end USB cables that were loaned to me from audiophile buddies that have FAR more disposable income than myself. The Pangea cable easily bettered all but the one that cost more than my entire sound system. If thats not value, I dont know what is. Of Note: On systems with phase-error issues which are most often the fault of poor/cheap loudspeaker crossover design or poor parts and assembly quality, the differences between cables were not so obvious. Ive been shocked to find poor quality parts and construction in a few so-called audiophile brands of loudspeakers. However, the Pangea cable did make obvious a problem in a friends system that was the result of a tweeter that was factory wired in reverse polarity! Yeesh! Apparently the concept of quality control in manufacturing didnt make it across the Pacific Ocean in his case. Happily, none of the brands I have alluded to were brands Audio Advisor sells in case youre concerned. Thankfully, the good folks at Audio Advisor really know their stuff.

Smooth compared to stock USB Cable

Hello. I was using a decent USB cable for my PC based audio. It sounded good but not as good as my CD transport. It seemed to be a little hard sounding. When I hooked up this one, it immediately sounded clear, clean and smooth. Now I cant tell the difference from my CD transport, which is what I wanted.

- Ed P, MI
Amazing quality cable for a price you cant pass up.

Ok, first let me say that I was extremely skeptical about the USB cable making a difference in the sound, but the music just seems more detailed and more defined. Digital Audio is just 0s and 1s that are sent from the computer to the DAC, the data either arrives or it doesnt, so thats why I was always skeptical about USB cables... but there is definitely a difference with this cable. I own the Schiit Magni and Schiit Modi which is USB powered, and perhaps that has something to do with it, but whatever it is I definitely hear an improvement. You cant go wrong with this cable, just buy it and hear for yourself. Thats the best way to remove your skepticism on whether USB cables make a difference.

Excellent value and performance

I bought a 2m Pangea Audio USB cable 6 months ago and has work flawlessly supplying hi-res audio to a DAC. You cant go wrong especially with a 30-day AA money back guarantee. But you wont send it back, I guarantee that!

- Scott A, CA
Could Not Ask For a Better USB Cable

Extremely happy with the 2M Pangea USB cable. For six months used it between my computer and high-end DAC. Build quality is high and construction/ materials very rugged. Cant imagine a more expensive cable having better performance than the Pangea.

- Scott A, CA
I didnt hear that before!

When my supplied usb cord for my Nuforce uDac2 failed I decided to buy a the USB-PC to replace it {mostly because it was inexpensive but looked cool}. The cable arrived the day AA said it would. To my surprise the cable made a big musical difference. I actually heard a subtle drum beat I had not heard before in the track I was enjoying.

- Mark F, CA
A must have with Muical Fidelity Vlink

This USB cable makes a huge difference between the AQ Forest cable I was using with the Musical Fidelity Vlink. Prodigious bass improvement, and the vagueness in low volume background detail has been changed to sharp focus. Theres no question in my mind now that a better USB cable makes an audible difference with asynch USB

- Dave E, VA