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It is really a good upgrade for not much money

Purchased a couple pairs of these, used the power cords for my Rotel receiver, and the other for my Arcam DV137. Hooked the Black Mambas up between a MSB Link III DAC and my Rotel, the other set between the Rotel and a Rotel RMB 1095. Right off the bat, the thing I noticed most was the dramatic increase of bass in my B&W 683s. I have used Tributaries, Kimber Heros and Kimber Toniks. None of these have come close to exhibiting a control of the lower frequencies that the Pangea and Black Mambas together have done. The Mambas are more detailed than the Tributary Type 7 and the Toniks, but less detailed than the Heroes. I almost get the feeling of smoothness, an enhanced midrange, with a slight loss of higher frequencies when using this setup. I think for a system that is very forward, these cables would help tame it. For a laid back system, this may not be the best choice. I am pleased with both cables, they will be staying for quite awhile, and I believe I may buy one more set for my SACD player and use the power cord for the TV.

- Derek E, NV