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Ecstasy in a Desktop System

I just placed this review on Amazon, where I initially went to purchase this unit, but since it actually came from Audio Advisor, and since the folks at Audio Advisor were so helpful, I thought I would replicate it here. After researching, and knowing that I spend a preponderance of my time in front of the computer, I decided on this system to flank my 30 inch monitor. I was looking for something that would draw me strongly into the music, whether rock or classical. The magazine reviews convinced me, and so I splurged. Setup was easy. I positioned the two satellites about 4 feet apart, on stacks of books to position the speakers above my laptop. I used a Dragonfly DAC also based on reviews with my MacBook Pro, and placed the vertical subwoofer under the desk. Right now James Taylor is singing about 6 inches behind my monitor, right into my face. The sound is extraordinary, and immersive. I find myself closing my eyes and listening for long stretches, to reduce the monotony of whatever I am doing, but also to participate in a live concert. I am hearing more detail in familiar music than I ever have. I roam from Mozart to Jack Johnson to whatever strikes my fancy. I now will find excuses to sit in front of the computer, and get something done. I have more expensive sound systems in my house, but this is the one with the easiest access, and the one I am sure I will listen to the most. I could not be happier. The only caveat: the first set I received had a buzz coming from one speaker. As I was listening with the grilles off, I experimented, and discovered that the rubber flange of the midrange of one of the satellites, when pressed at the 6:00 position, would exacerbate the buzz, which did not happen elsewhere, indicating a faulty seal. The folks at Audio Advisor, which shipped the unit, were very accommodating, and shipped another unit, from which I swapped out one speaker, and which I will ship back. Problem solved, and the sound is extraordinary. If you can swing the expense, you will not be disappointed.

- Brian J, CA