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Impressive amp

Very powerful and detailed. Delivers dynamics and detail even the best receivers can't begin to dream of. Impressive.

- Damien H, NC

Stellar response from DC to the top end. Runs cool to the touch - reliability has been outstanding. Rock solid on movies and music. Awesome, deep bass. Love the auto sensing turn on feature. It doesnt shut down immediately as amps did in the old days when the signal paused.

- Dano M, MN
More detailed

My older Harman Kardon amp sounds warmer, but the Parasound is more detailed and lively sounding. I went back a forth for a while but now I'm keeping the Parasound in the system

- Conner s, GA
Replaced My Denon Amp

Replaced a Denon amp with the Parasound on my Magnepans. Massive upgrade. Top to bottom my sound is better controlled. Now it sounds like the performance is in my room. I was thinking of replacing the Magnepans but not anymore.

- Damon F, NE
Fast with Great Clarity

A good amp IMO. Owned this amp for over two years and recently upgraded to the Parasound A21 on my Wilson speakers. The 2250 is an impressive amp with lightning fast reflexes. Goes from silent to LOUD with stunning speed an clarity. Sound is a touch on the warm side which I like. Solid and fast in the bass. The A21 is double the price and sounds even more effortless and a shade sweeter. I moved the 2250 over to my Ryan speakers in my second system.

- Johnny D, AL