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Best 75w 2 channel amp you can buy for the money

Just bought two of these to run 3 sets of speakers - one amp is driving a pair of KEF Q series floor speakers , and the other amp is driving two pairs of in ceiling speakers that are part of a whole house system. Work great. The amp drives the KEFs with ease which are only rated at 89 db sens. Using both the A and B speaker outs on one amp to drive two sets of smaller speakers also works great. Very versitle amps - you can configure them in a number of ways. Highly recommended if you are looking for power in this range.

- Ed S, AK
great amp for the money...smooth, clear and compact

Great amp for the money. Just purchased this amp for my workout room to drive a pair of NHT C3s, does an excellent job bringing out the best in these speakers. Nice to be able to afford the para-sound!! If you need a 2 channel amp for a smaller room this is the one...its a parasound...need i say more?

- mark w, CA
bi-amping made easy...and affordable

this deceptivley thin 4 ohm rated 75w power amp delivers. quiet,fast,with followthru...nice. i use it with my B&W cm1 bookshelf speakers for the mid-range.BUT heres the thing, at $499 and 21 lbs it has no peers...at 3x the price, hmm.

- burt b, VA