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Great Value

I ordered this unit along with Parasound's 275, both B-Stock and they looked and functioned as new. The combo sounds fantastic and the 2100 gives you the bass management options to set a high pass filter for the main speakers and a low pass filter for your sub. I was surprised to see this functionality missing from comparably priced units; I'd say that makes the 2100 a pretty good value.

Terrific Buy, save your money.

If you are on a budget and looking to replace your older non-remote preamp and need a phono stage then look no further. I purchased this unit to replace a beloved 20 year old ADCOM unit. I had reservations at first, would such an inexpensive preamp perform as well as an old proven design? In a word YES!!! Not only that, the phono section does a better job than I thought possible at this price point. At full price this unit is a bargain. With the AA discount it is a steal. I have been very pleased with my purchase. Can you buy better! Of course!, but do you have a thousand extra bucks burning a hole in your pocket? Buy this one, and you will probably have a nice smug smile on your face and you can take you significant other out for a nice weekend with the savings.

- Jamie W, CA