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Would Recommend To A Friend

After talking to Joe I was inclined to buy. He answered all my questions and made it simple to buy online. I received the item Tuesday and am approaching the 72 hours burn in. It appears to be an excellent sonic improvement to my system. I'm matching it with my Parasound HCA-1500A which I also bought from you and still sounds good after ten years. I'm a satisfied customer and Highly Recommend You to friends.

- Richardo J, TX

Fantastic stereo preamp! I am happy with this purchase.

- RK, RI
Love This Preamp

I almost never use the phrase 'love it' but I have to say it applies to this preamp. I am very happy and it sounds excellent.

- Frank D, NV
Just What I Was Looking For

I love it. All of my audio equipment, including my cherished 1980s power amp, sounds much better since I installed this great preamp. There's more "air" and detail in everything from my 192/24 flac downloads to my LPs to my crummy CDs. And the large number of inputs including phono and subwoofer output makes my system much easier to use. Has all the controls you'd want on the front panel. What's not to like?

- JB, NY
Excellent Value

I was looking for amplification for my recently purchased Kef Q300's - I had settled on an integrated Yamaha Amp, or a B-Stock 2100 Preamp and the 275 v2 amp. I have to admit that I was a bit reluctant to purchase B-Stock without knowing the product's history, but it really is a good value based on the other options I was considering. After speaking with Tim Hahn, I took the plunge and placed my order. Shipping was really fast, received the items the next day and I chose free shipping. The items looked like new and sound fantastic! I would definitely recommend this preamp if you are looking for a step up from the mass market options at best buy, etc.. I also highly recommend working with Tim as he was very helpful and accommodated all of my newbie questions...he's the man!

- Steven Z, OH
Nice Sound

First, let me say that I have to agree with Ernie T. that there is a quality control issue with this pre-amp: Not all the knobs on the front panel line up at 12 oclock when in center position. Most of them are just a little bit off to the right or to the left. This is also true of the knob on the back panel that controls the subwoofer. The unit is assembled in Taiwan. It is hard to imagine this problem would ever exist with equipment made in, say, Japan or Germany. However--and I know this will sound horribly cliche--once the lights are down and you arent looking at the knobs, the unit sounds great and the flaws in the knobs become irrelevant. This is my first pre-amp, and I love the quality of the sound. It replaces a fine unit--a Roksan Caspian integrated amp made in the U.K. The sound of the Parasound is superior. I am especially impressed by how quiet the Parasound is, with near total silence in the background, and also the dynamic range. Out of the silence comes lush, warm music along with precise sound-staging.

- Nicholas W, SD
Massive Bang for the Buck!

Ive owned a Parasound Classic 2100 pre-amp, purchased from AA, for at least 4 years & I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! It is truly one of those all-too-rare high end pieces sold at a reasonable, rational & humane price point. The feature list is unparalleled at this level - no fluff or BS, but solid, useable functionality and flexibility. The sounds is crisp, clear, well-articulated and the soundstage superior to what you would expect. While I have certainly owned & own pieces that are far more expensive, you cannot convince me to let this one out of my collection of man-toys!

At this price, hard to beat....

I was using my AV receiver as a pre going into Bob Carver monoblocks [VTA 305s]. Purchased the Emotiva USP-1, which has the HT bypass convenience, looking to upgrade the two-channel sound. It sounded marginally better, but the lack of tone controls and a dead, dry sound to it bothered me so I returned it. Ordered this Parasound from Audio Advisor and it blows the Emotiva and of course the AV receiver out of the water. Great soundstage, excellent phono stage. Makes my Maggie 1.7s sing. HT bypass works as advertised, and although it has tone controls I rarely use them. Recommended.

- Jose S, PA
Very surprised after many years of bring audiophile to hear this gem!!

It is an inexpensive preamp, you get what you pay for in terms of build quality. The trade off is a superb performing preamp with grace and just the right touch of sweetness and too top it all off pair it with a Parasound Halo A 23 power amplifier and you have the right prescription to chase away the bad equipment blues. The 2100 gets my highest toe tapping approval!!! You cant go wrong with Parasound So if your on a budget these products are sure to let you hear the music without fuss or listener fatigue.

- Michael S, IA
More then what I was hoping for!

This is my first Pre-Amp detail of the music and mid bass clear super clean and very open with warm sound.This unit is very pleasing too the ears!Man I was missing out on a lot in music,detail,open sound stage and clean sound.Nice very nice!

- Carl M Walker, LA
Sounds good, fit and finish medicore for $650

My Yamaha C85 preamp finally died after 27 yrs. I read alot of great things about the Classic 2100 and purchased one. After unpacking and setting up in my system I noticed the following: the AC recepticle was loose, all the knobs on the front panel do not line up at 12 oclock when in center position, the input selector knob is loose, and the Parasound name is slanted on the face plate. The unit looks cheap, and feels cheap. Suprisingly, the sound is quite good - especially the phono stage. I wish the fit and finish would have been better. Most likely will not purchase Parasound again.

- Ernie T, IL
Perfect Integration!

Ive had this in my system since July 2010, and I couldnt be happier with its performance. It has ntegrated perfect with my Onkyo TX-NR906 and Emotiva XPA-2 set up, to deliver remarkable 2 channel from my Emotiva CD player and Music Hall 7.1 Turntable. I cant believe how open my records sound now, and volume is limitless! Like most preamps Ive dealt with, this seems very neutral in sound, and really lets recordings shine through good and bad. Dead silent sound floor... no hiss or circuit noises such as volume control interference. Be ready to tweak around with the sub crossover settings on the back, it took a couple weeks of listening to really dial it in. A must have if you use full-range towers in your main theater along with a beefy 2-channel amp - - and are longing for good stereo sound to let them shine!

- Eric S, MN
Great product

Love this pre-amp. Traded in my 20 yr. old Carver gear for this item and a another power amp. It was an easy set up and honestly discovered new life in my CDs. Found my self listening to my collection with a new breath of detail, without being exhausting and depth of sound, for which I strongly recommend a sub-woofer, which is enhanced by the amps front control fine tune ability. I was only disappointed by the lack of lighted volumne control knob, to be able to view the exact position of the volume from across the room. Recommended

- David M, OR
Lots to love about this preamp

The 2100 not only has a unique set of features in a preamp but also sounds excellent without breaking your budget. The lowpass sub crossover works wonderfully which makes this an excellent choice for a 2.1 setup. I did find the fixed 80Hz high pass preamp outputs to suffer sonically. Either the HP filter is much higher than 80Hz or something else is wrong because when using those outputs the sound from the speakers is lifeless and flat. I just utilize the full range preamp outputs to my amp and the sound is alive and well. If you are trying to have your HT setup pull double duty as a serious 2ch rig and you feel your processor does not do justice to the analog stereo inputs, the HT bypass feature on the 2100 is a nice way to integrate a dedicated stereo preamp into you setup. The remote is very simple, reliable and I love how smooth the volume control is. Discreet on/off and input buttons make using a universal remote a breeze as well. I have not tried the phono on it but I do like the fact you can switch it off and use it as another line level input.

- Tommy V, TX

Easy hook-up Sounds terrific! Great Value! Wonderful Customer Service by Audio Advisor!

- John L, PA

I absolutely love this pre amp! It is feature rich as advertised. Very quiet and a breeze to set up! Cant wait until burn in period is over to realize its full potential

- John L, PA