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Obvious power, authority, control, speed, punch, slam, and refinement

Hello, My wife and I listened to the Parasound A21 power amplifier along with the Parasound JC-2 preamplifier with the Usher Be-10s last weekend March 7th, 2009 with MIT speaker cables and interconnects. Sadly, the system only had a Rotel CD player for its source, so it was limited by that. However, this amplifier made it instantly clear that it has massive power to tap into at any moment and for long periods of time. It sounds as easy on the ears at very soft listening levels as it does when cranked up and then some. The abundant authority, control, punch, slam, speed, timing, pace, and drive were just downright visceral and intense. The bass tightness and impact were outstanding as well as offering terrific pitch definition and tracking of a bass line with the percussion without cluttering them together. The midbass was strong and tight too, yet musical and not overbearing one bit; just as the bass can be described. The midrange and treble were fluid, flowed like good red wine at an Italian dinner, and lavished our ears with sensuous saxophones, open and sonorous strings of plucked guitars, the epitome of intimate allure as the jazz singers wove their spells of song as if slinking around right in front of us with every breath and gasp for the next one rendered so realistically it was beguiling. The presence of the component was an asset to this system and listening experience as it allowed, and made, the speakers come to life with a palpable bloom and airiness that let our song by John Denver warm our hearts like never before due to how lifelike it sounded. This amplifier offers depth of soundstage and solidity to the foundation of bass that is exemplary and easily equal to other components many times its modest cost. We were thoroughly impressed and would gladly invest in one, or two, of these without any doubt at all. Richard Schram of Parasound told me in an Email from last summer that the A21 will offer about 15 to 20 wpc in full, legitimate class A mode when bridged mono. The class A high biasing comes through in stereo mode, as we listened to it, for about 7.5 wpc, and makes this amplifier very smooth and easy to listen to with no harshness or listener fatigue at all. It is extremely neutral and does not muffle, veil, dull, or slow down the sound at all. It breathes performance into your system so that you can enjoy your favorite music so easily. This system, with this Parasound A21 in it, is one of the most emotionally engaging systems that I, and now we, have ever heard; be it solid state, tube, or both, and regardless of cost or brands included. That says a lot for those who really know about and have heard what is out there to audition. I have auditioned 130 brands and sold 78 brands in addition to those, so I have a pretty good idea of this stuff, along with doing it since I was 16 and am now age 40, so theres two dozen years of experience to hopefully lend credibility to this personal review. The amplifier is also very visually appealing in general appearance, fit and finish first rate, and my WAF Wife Acceptance Factor is 100% positive. There are no perceivable flaws or shortcomings of any kind. You would have to, and I do mean have to, invest much more money to get noticeably better sound. We are planning on getting two of them and running them in a vertically bi-amplified manner at first or bridging them and having fun with that sheer power. Keep in mind that Mr. John Curl, formerly of Mark Levinson, is the designer of this product. That in itself says a great deal about the technical competency that this amplifier was conceived with. Bravo for a job very well done !! Sincerely, Tom & Erin near Allentown, PA.

- Tom F, PA