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outstanding for the cost point

beautifully designed and functional amplifier. I have two amp in mono mode with the parasound pre-amp, now the house vibrates with my focal 1038be and rocket 88.

- Fred G, NJ

I'm extremely glad I got to know your company. The product knowledge and service is top notch. I've bought several products that you guys have recommended to me and have been thrilled with the results. I listen to them everyday and truly enjoy them. I will not hesitate to call Audio Advisors for my next purchase.

- John H, IA
Fantastic Amp!

I bought a Parasound A23 several months ago . After breaking it in you wouldn't believe the sound. Plenty of power driving a pair of Klipsch speakers! Deep tight bass . Very musical across the entire range of sound. A very well built amp and a great value.. It's definitely a great amp regardless of price.

- Mike, MS
Multi-Amping with Halo A23s

Some years ago I installed an A23 to drive my 75 - 3500 Hz midrange arrays and it's done a fantastic job of delivering the watts without strain. I now have a new A23 driving my Heil Elite AMTs. It's a lot of amp for tweeters, but with the system gain structure correctly set, the sound is wonderful. The high frequency band is crisp and quiet, smooth and rich. This is the ninth piece of high-end gear added to my system purchased from Audio Advisor, and certainly won't be the last, I'm sure. And kudos to John Curl.

- Paul G, MO
Jaw Droppingingly Outstanding

I have a pair of these driving Martin Logan Motion 40s and Motion 15s. I've had these for 3 weeks or so and all I can see is Sheesh! I mean, really?! The sound is completely awesome. These amps truly deliver. The power and clarity that I'm hearing is eye-watering, even at low to moderate volumes. Into my speakers they deliver 200+ watts, which is way more than I'll be needing but the sound is quite excellent. I'm so glad I got these amps, they're truly an outstanding value. ...and thank you Audio Advisor, you continue to prove why you're the best!

- Bradford E, MD
Excellent sound, quality and connectivity

I purchased a return unit with full warranty from Audio Advisor. Joe in sales was familiar with the unit and the customer who exchanged it for the more powerful Halo A21. Per our discussion, the unit was in perfect condition and arrived properly packed and protected. Build quality is top notch. So far so good. The Halo 23 replaces a Cambridge Audio CA 640A which lost its right channel after 15 years. I researched numerous amps including Rogue, Creek and NAD and I found that the Parasound Halo 23 had positive reviews, was affordable and was fitted with the necessary connections for my desktop setup which is comprised of the Oppo HA-1 headphone amp/preamp, PSB Imagine B bookshelf speakers and a Sunfire HRS-8 active subwoofer. Specifically, the Halo 23 had balanced XLR inputs,12V trigger input and subwoofer out. How does it sound? The positive review from Absolute Sound is well deserved. Dynamic, incredible mid range and it never ran out of gas when pushed. There is no substitute for power - 125 watts compared to the CA 65 watts into 8 ohms. The Halo 21 revealed the incredible musicality of the Oppo HA-1, and it opened the dynamic range of the PSB. The first day necessitated re-optimization of the Sunfire crossover frequency because of the deeper bass response of the PSB's. After two days of continuous break-in my setup sounded completely different - improved details and imaging, precise mids, deeper bass and improved speed. This amp is a stunning value at less <$1000 and even more so with 15% discount for the demo unit. I highly recommend the Parasound Halo 23 and Audio Advisor.

- Victor S, WA
Top notch, best in class

Amazingly tight and clean. Absolutely no self-noise, and a totally black background. It has been astounding through my ATC SCM11s, as well as some low end BW 685s. It really allows the speakers to perform their own coloring, as it has no characteristics of its own. Instead, it allows the speakers to deliver their best, by providing complete control, and ultimate transparency. I just cant believe what you can get today for under $1k. Initially, I thought Id need the A21 for my ATCs, but the A23 has so much power on tap, its unbelievable. At this price, theres no reason to waste money on an integrated amp or receiver.

- Paul H, NJ
Deserves Five Stars

This amp really deserves the 5-star rating that everyones giving it. It seems to have absolutely no sound of its own; certainly the most uncolored speaker Ive ever had in my system. I use it in balanced mode with a Mytek Stereo DSD 192 as a preamp, and its absolutely dead quiet at full volume. Im glad I got it, and its probably the last power amp Ill own.

Superb Power Amplifier

Im a technical, facts-based type of guy with 50+ years of audio hobby experience. I have designed and built numerous of my own pre-amps and regulated power supplies, and, in 1976, my own solid-state power amps. And I have purchased many commercial power amps, beginning with a Marantz 8B in 1962, and including numerous solid-state power amps of much later vintage. And I believe that its nonsense to judge the quality of a power amplifier simply by listening; that results in cultist noise. With me, its detailed electronic testing and close visual inspection of the interior that tells me what kind of quality Ive bought. Now, based on my own hard evidence, I can assure you that the Parasound Halo A23 is absolutely superb. Within the confines of its stated power output capability, you cannot find a better power amplifier at any price.

- Bryan G, CA
A Fine Power Amplifier

This amplifier is a power house with good looks & very good sound to boot... Its stable & a rock solid performer and being a John Curl design its defiantly worth the audition!!!!! Richard Schram pat yourself on the back, what a treat to own something that performs beyond anything conceivable at this price.

- Michael S, IA
If your speakers are 90db efficient or better this is the amp for you

Wadia 381 direct into the A23 driving Usher Compass X-929 speakers. All electronics off Furman Reference IT-15i conditioner. I use PS Audio ac cords, Kimber KS-1121 XLRs cd to amp and DH Labs Q-10 speaker wire. ... ... The A23 is of excellent build quality both parts and layout...and most importantly sounds great. I wont go in to all the audiophool drooling superlatives but will say this is imo one of the best amps for the money in its power class. Kudos to John Curl and Richard Schram for bringing high quality products to our hobby as there is surely no lack of stupid-expensive products whose performance rarely dictates the insane asking price. THANK YOU PARASOUND!!! When you consider the AA 30 day demo and a 5 year warranty from Parasound youd have to be crazy to spend more money

- Eric R, MO
great amps

I bought a pair to use with a Bryston BP-6: this is a great combination. Bought the BP-6 first, and the A-23’s brought the potential of it to life. The combination brings focus and imaging that get your attention. Timbre on acoustic instruments is a little cold when new, but becomes neutral with break-in. Sounds better over long term. Played ‘Green Carnation’s’ “Light of day, day of Darkness” when had units about 2 weeks, and didn’t really hear anything different: played it after two months of break-in, and heard more subtlety and detail—lots of chances in this song of 1 hour and 6 seconds long. About features: has XLR and RCA inputs, and can be ‘daisy chained’ through a pair of RCA’s. Can go stereo or monoblock, has ‘trigger’, and has a filter for IM noise switchable from back. The lights on front add an unexpected element of cool and flash that were unexpected-the red shield with a “P” is lit, and blue around the switch at all times, with 2 blue power lights when power on. From construction, engineering, sound, and price, a hard unit to beat for people on a budget. Very impressive.

- Vernon H, TX
outstanding value

Like the previous reviewer, Kevin from WY, I am a committed tube amp advocate. I love the warmth that tubes provide for classical music. My main system includes a Unison Research Unico SE hybrid integrated being fed by a Benchmark DAC1 and in turn feeding Vandersteen 2c Signature speakers with low end help from Velodyne DD-12 and REL Q100 subs. My interest in the Halo A23 was as an alternative to the tube sound for rock, folk, blues, etc., where more accuracy in the frequency extremes can be crucial. I purchased the A23 and it is being driven by my Benchmark DAC1 in preamp mode. Digital source is a Sony 9100ES SACD/CD player. All I can say is that the A23 is a truly fine solid state amp! Boy, have they come a looong way since I last had one in my system!! My impressions after about ten days are that: 1. You need to allow at least 24 hours of burn-in before you really listen to the A23. It was bright and undernourished and maybe even clinical during the first few hours, but it improved tremendously after that. The mid-range now approaches what I hear from my Unico SE. I have them wired so that I can quickly A/B them and the main difference is that the high end is more apparent and better resolved by the A23. 2. My tests of piano, violin, symphony and Fender bass guitar recordings have been passed with flying colors by the Benchmark/Halo A23 combo -- a match made in heaven! 3. Which brings me to the last point -- component combinations really matter a lot and perhaps the problem Kevin of WY had was not so much with the A23 as with his system combinations along with his desire to have the A23 sound like tubes. Kevin does not identify his sources and speakers, so its hard to say if system mismatches may be part of the issue. Finally, the A23 is a superb solid state amp that has the ability to bring out the best and also reveal the worst in your records. Thats about all I could want from an amp costing less than $1000. GREAT VALUE!

- Dave D, ME
A little disappointing

I bought two of these for bi-amping. Visually, they are beautiful amplifers and are very well built. Sonically, however, they are leaving me wanting. These are the least expensive comps in my system...by far. My preamp and universal player each cost $5,500, for example. I bought them to try because of the rave reviews. One of the great pleasures in this hobby is to find a bargain. Yes, these amps do sound OK but, in my system at least, they sound like $850- no more. And, lest you think it unfair of my to judge these in a system with much costlier componenets, I also have an Outlaw RR2150 receiver that has spent a lot of time in my main system. In many ways, the $699 Outlaw sounds better to me-both as a receiver and using the amp-in connections with my tube preamp. The most disappointing aspect of the Halo A23 is its clinical sound. A lot of the reviews say neutral and actually praise the midrange. I say it goes beyond neutral to the clinical. There are a lot of midrange harmonics and overtones that are present with my other applification that I do not hear with these amps- or at least to a lot lesser degree. Acoustic guitar and piano are prime examples. The bass is tight, but lacks some authority and bloom where appropriate. The mids and highs are very detailed, but lack a smooth, liquid character. There is definitely a processed sound to these amps versus a natural feel. The Outlaw receiver has a smoother, liquid mid-range and the bass has more impact, if not as much detail and tightness. The bass with the Halo is, again, more clinical. The soundstage is wide and has good imaging, but lacks some depth compared to what Im used to- even when compared to the Outlaw. Dynamics are no better than the Outlaw. I really wanted to like these, but I dont see me keeping them. Thankfully AA offers a 30 day return policy. Who knows-maybe these will be your ticket. Give them a try since you have nothing to lose here with AAs generous satisfaction policy. For me though, theyre going back.