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Best Electronic Component In My Rack

By far the best pre-amp Iíve ever owned. Measures up to the advertising hyperbole and then some. The P-5ís digital optical in and on-board DAC provide clarity, depth, and detail I didnít know was in my CDís. This pre-amp perfectly matches my Ortofon MC cartridgeís impedance. Big difference! Love the sub level controls, and the convenience of the front panel digital input. Now Iím saving up my nickels for the A21.

- Andy R, SC
Back from the dead.

This single component has resurrected my OLD Theta Miles, Music Hall MMF-7, Adcom GFA 2800 and Snell C-Vs to a time Ive missed since my oldest son was born 17 years ago. Ive been listening over the last few days and Im blown away with what Im hearing. And guess what? That 17 year old is too!!! See ya later MP3!

- Ben B, GA
Feature Packed and Good Sound

I got this from Audio Advisor during the initial availability. They were kind enough to lock me in at the intro price, but even at the current price this unit is a bargain. I have ripped all my CDs to a Mac, as well as purchased some High Res files. Playing from the computer through the onboard DAC is a beautiful sounding front end. Then I can go really old school and play vinyl through the phone stage, and that sounds great too. Really good sound and absolutely best in class for its price.

- David B, CT