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Perfect for the price

I needed a small and simple CD transport for my system. This works perfectly. Its high quality, flexible and easy to use.

- Ed P, MI
Stunning Sound Quality

I got a refurbished silver player for $299 and I connect it directly into my Krell KSA-150 Amplifier. The sound quality is awesome. The bass packs a Mike Tyson punch and there is a great improvement in overall sound clarity. Highly recommended.

- ronald k, CO
It Fills a Niche

...and I needed a player with a small footprint for my office desktop. Fixed output works very well with a DAC/headphone amp combo through upgraded cabling. Runs a little warm. Havent tested all its features simply because I havent yet needed to. So far so good.

Great Product, But!!

First off I do have to say the playback quality is absolutly fantastic!!! I rip all my MP3s @ 320 BPS and the results are very good! Now the minor iritants. When you first turn the unit on, it starts up with two tracks I have do not have in my music files. It takes about 30 seconds to get going then you have to skip two tracks to get to the files on the flash drive. Secondly, every time you turn this unit on it starts all over. I connected a 4 gig flash drive and unless I select random play I hear the same tracks. My deck in my van plays flash drives, but it always starts from where it left off. For $400 this is an issue for me. As I stated previously, The quality is very good of both the physical construction and the playback. I dont think it would have been to difficult to place a bookmark so that it would pick up where it left off.

- Tom W, OR