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Quite impressive under the hood . Typical Parasound quality .

Used the Z-DAC in my secondary system last night . Started off with a little Leonard Cohen , I listened to that disc every morning for a week in anticipation of doing a comparison . With the Z the improvement was stunning . More detail , velvety female background vocals more apparent. More detail all the way around , nice tight smooth bass . Listened to it until 3:00 a.m. this morning then got up after only 3 hours of shuteye and started playing with it again . LOL ! Wish it would have made it here over the weekend . Anyway , towards the end of the listening session early this morning my senses were a little overloaded , you know how it is , you can listen for too long sometimes . Anyway, the DAC is great , it will be better after it has some time on it , still sounds a little new . I put a flashdrive in my Blue-Ray and set it for repeat so it will run all day . I want to smooth it out a little before I try it with my Quads . Pretty damn happy I must say ..

- Mike H, NM
The Zdac is very impressive.

I ran music through the Zdac 24/7 for just over a week before giving it my full attention but ever since Ive been very pleased with my purchase. Im impressed by the clean, articulate treble, natural sounding midrange truly stunning at times with my Magnepan 1.6s and the most impressive bass impact Ive heard from a sub $500 DAC. Also, with well recorded material, the Zdac allows my speakers to project the deepest and widest soundstage Ive yet heard from them. The Zdacs headphone amp sounds better driving my Grado 325s than my AKG K701s. The AKGs sound really nice driven by the Zdac but not quite as full bodied as they do with SOME my of stand alone headphone amps. The built in HP amp was obviously not just an afterthought for Parasound and is proving to be a really nice bonus to this great sounding yet lower priced DAC. As an aside, the silver Zdac looks great next to the Parasound Halo amps.

- Kevin J, FL