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Product Reviews
Very Recommended

Very happy with the sound and build quality is second to none. Every review I read about this is glowing and this one is too! Very Recommended.

- Gregory A, AE
100% Satisfied

Using with my NAD stereo receiver to play my Technics SL1200 turntable. Works excellent. Great sound and no hums or buzzes. 100% Satisfied.

- Marty J, MO
My Perfect Set Up

Using to transfer my old 78s, LPs, cassettes, R-T-Rs and even video tapes to the digital domain. Works perfectly for me. To hear these old recordings is a dream come true for me. I have one output to my stereo system and the other to my computer. I also have headphones plugged in so there's only the Parasound and my headphones between the source and my ears. Superb! Now that my son has started collecting vinyl records I'm digitizing his collection for him so he can continue to enjoy all the music long after I'm gone.

- Gordon L, KY

This is an incredible product and sounds as good as phono preamps in the four figure range. I absolutely cannot tell the vinyl from the digitized copy in blinded A-B testing.

- Serial M, CA
Love The Sound

I just LOVE the way this product sounds. A small package and still a performing Phono Amp. Can't go wrong with Parasound.

- ARP6, FL
Wonderful Sound

This unit replaced the built-in phono stage on my Denon receiver... and WOW! This is a huge step up in sound - just big, open, and spacious. A highly recommended and worthwhile investment for any vinyl fan who wants more of what they love.

- JJ J, AL
Great Buy

Really great sounding phono preamp. I got it for its good reviews, great price point and because it included a low pass filter to stop my speaker cones from shaking to bits and mono switch to fix those 60s recordings where everything was mixed extreme left or right! I don't know how it compares with more expensive preamps but in my system Roksan Radius 5 + Hana EH + NAD + B&W 805S it sounds just fine, thank you very much! Highly recommended!

- Pagan R, TX
Not the best phono section

I bought this with the intent of archiving some LPs to digital and I cannot comment on that yet. What I have done is let this unit burn in for over a week and have listened to it extensively to see how the phono section sounds. So far, all I can say is it is way too bright for consistent use. While the base is punchy, female voice routinely tilts towards the nasal. That said, I have tried using my Pro-jekt Tube Box phono preamp and playing it into the Zphonos Line input. Listened to via the line out, much of the nasality is removed and I think this arrangement will result in much better sounding digital copies. At $249 it is worth it just to get the ADC section if you already have a phono preamp you like.

- John R, NC
What a Bargain !

I was going to rebuild the phono section of my 40 year old preamp. The lack of accessible parts and having to drag out my test equipment made me sluggish for that task. So while flipping through the most recent Audio Advisor I came up with a plan. A brilliant one if I do say so myself. Why not buy a separate phono stage. So I did. How in the world do you have any left. This gave life to a system that I thought had seen better days. Within 5 minutes I had the unit in my system and I was listening to my music to the way it was meant to sound. I dont care what you listen to in comes out crystal clear and the big plus it has a USB. Thank you.

- Mark P, TN
Didnt Know What I Was Missing....

Wow! Completely impressed. I didnt realize what injustice the built-in phono preamp in my receiver was doing me. This little black box has brought my LPs to a new level. Just a big, open, spacious, and natural sound. I havent used the usb section yet, but that is just icing on the cake. This unit is well worth the money for the pre-amp alone. As other reviewers suggest, excellent build quality as well. Highly recommended.

- Greg C, RI
Great buy!

I purchased this at full price $349 and never regretted it. This unit is built like a tank and sounds great to boot. It provides great features such as dual mono design, a defeat-able rumble filter, moving coil hi & lo inputs, usb output w/switchable RIAA filter, line inputs,etc. Much better than the typical black box phono stages out there and now at the sale price a no brainer best buy.

- Robert M, CA
Unmistakable Quality

You can feel quality when you touch it. Such is the case with the Parasound Zphono MM/MC Phono Stage. Love this unit and the sound that it sends to my AVR. It brings out the best in my Rega turntable.

- Tom D, TN
Get it while you can...

I purchased this phono stage to allow archiving of my vinyl collection. My expectations were not high for a product at this price point. Is was very pleasantly surprised! While it is not as good as my $2500 phono stage, it was way better than is should be for this price. The setup was very easy and I was able to begin using it in less than 30 minutes including the set up time for my recording software. I know that these are discontinued which makes the price even better. If you are in the market for an inexpensive phono stage this one deserves a serious consideration. The included A to D converter makes it an even better deal. Buy one now while there are still some available! Dont forget to order a Pangea USB cable with it, even the least expensive Pangea is far better than the included cable.

- Larry E, TX