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A Real Peach...

I have a modified AudioNote Dac Kit 1.1, but it only accepts a coax digital input or balanced and I bought this Peachtree X1 USB-in to Coax-out converter so as to play my Foobar loaded ripped music collection and my favorite streaming internet radio music from the likes of Digitally Imported, Shoutcast, PolkaStacja, etc., via Winamp, through the AudioNote. Foobar outputs a 24bit signal from my digitally ripped music at 14441kbps..while Winamps radio station playlist outputs at anywhere from 128kbps to 320kbps...AND this Peachtree X1 converter makes all of this music sound fantastic, either through my ATC SCM12SL speakers or AudioTechnica ATH-W5000 headphones, both via tube/hybrid based amplification. I also ripped some cds at 320kbps for playback in my Mazda 2 via the Soundfly AUX digital interface that accepts a flash drive filled with max 320kbps music files. Playing these fairly low res 320 ripped files through this Peachtree X1 and into the AudioNote Dac Kit, I sit amazed at how finely delineated this music sounds. Bass lines are clean and easily followed, which really puts the drive to the rhythms, while complex, high energy music like Yello, or Gotans electronic Tango styles, are fully fleshed out and take the listener propelled along with the music. This Peachtree X1 is a revelation to me. Im really amazed how great even low res digital music sounds through it. It was very easy to get it to work in Win 7 64bit via its on line driver support, and its been working just fine now for a month plus...no hiccups, at all. If you would like your coax input only dac to play USB based computer music, I recommend you give Audio Advisor a call to buy this one...the Peachtree X1. Works for me...beautifully.

- John M, MI