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this is my first TT in 30 years. Sounds excellant and easy set up…..

- doug s, FL
Terrific turntable

This turntable is like a stripped down hot rod, no bells or whistles, but high performance. Everything is manual, but it has solid build quality, tight, accurate bass and a really nice, occasionally holographic sound stage. I would say it over-performs at this price point, but there is a lot of keen competition at this price point. Its a great time to get into vinyl! Ill just say I did my homework and this table looked like the most bang for the buck with the Ortofon 2m Red cartridge and the carbon fiber arm. My expectations were high, but the table is everything I expected and more. Ive been listening to it for the last four hours now, and I am feeling very reassured about my purchase.

- John B, NH
Vinyl Nirvana

This is a beautiful machine. Very simple to set up the cartridge is already installed. The Ortofon 2M Red along with the precision craftsmanship of the turntable makes listening to vinyl records a true joy.

- Geroge, IN