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Great buy, superb performance!

Ive been using this phono pre daily for almost 1 1/2 years now, and I am more impressed every time I use it. I bought it blind because it had all of the features that I need for my audio restoration rig and I like Pro-Jects reputation. I change cartridges frequently and use MM, low output MC, and high output MC cartridges as the recording assignment requires. Cartridge changeover is easy with this pre, and I use its balanced output to drive my Benchmark ADC1 for recording. It is extremely quiet, very neutral sounding just what I want for restoration work, and has handled every cartridge Ive thrown at it with ease. I had previously been using a Stereophile recommended MC step-up transformer and phono pre for the low output moving coil cartridges, but that was a pain to configure every time I switched cartridges. Not only have I not sacrificed sound quality by switching to the Box RS, but, in my opinion, the Box RS is superior in every way. I couldnt be more happy.

- Don W, AR