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best table & cartridge for a grand

My VPI Scout kept breaking down. Went thru 2 motors. This table costs less & sounds as good

- Vernon N, TX
nice table

Bought this table after hearing it Vs the Rega 1 &3 and Music Halls. It blows em away. Less is more and the Sumiko #2 rocks. I am an expert and if you are looking for a 1K level table this is the best one. You would have to spend twice as much to notice any differences. I pretty much crap out hundred dollar bills so money is not an issue with me. This is a nice table

Switched From Technics SL-1200 MK2 and Couldnt Be Happier

Took the Sumiko off and mounted a Dynavector 10X5 and have been blown away by this turntable. The sound is exceptional. Noticeably better than my tricked out Technics. I like the small footprint as well. My vinyl sounds better than I thought possible. I was considering turntables twice the price of this but I seriously doubt they could sound any better.