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Five Stars

Wow! I connected this directly to my MacIntosh 250 amp driving a pair of Vandersteen 2c speakers with a Pro-Ject 1Xpression turntable and Ortofon Blue phono cartridge and all the tiny nuances in favorite songs jumped out at me. Like Dave Pike's Jazz for the Jazz Set and Dave Bruback's Take Five. Even the release of Sgt Pepper's sounded seductive and beautiful. If you don't have a decent phono stage in your preamp this is an excellent option. Nicely constructed, too.

- Jasper K, TN
Tubes Are Cool

This is a real bargain phono stage. A major improvement compared to my Cambridge Audio 651 phono pre. Well worth the investment. Easy to hook up. The tubes run cool and ARE cool, man!

- Pascal T, CT
Awesome Sounding

Awesome sounding! It improved my sound system more than I expected. Very easy to connect. The adjustments were simple. Now using with a low output moving coil and it sounds fantastic. Also worked well with my Grado MM cartridge. Solid upgrade.

- Niles P, AL
If You Love Vinyl - Get One!

I just received and installed this Tube Box DS last night and was listening far into the night ... The instructions were great 'cause they even listed my phono cart - Ortofon Red - and that made set up a breeze. Sounds awesome! Very sturdy construction. Super-easy to tweak. Output increases do not add noise to the signal. Completely worth the money.

- Sampson A, NV
Gorgeous Sound

Love it! Using for one week now and I'm pleased with the purchase. It makes my old LP records sound a lot better. I love the way it lets you 'dial-in' the pre precisely to your specific cartridge, but really you don't have to mess with that if you don't want to and can just enjoy the gorgeous sound!

- Hu H, TX
Fantastic Choice

This unit sounds fabulous IMO. I am listening right now and gotta say the soundstage is fantastic. My older Musical Fidelity was pretty good but they aren't in the same league. This one is major league and the MF was only minor league. I love the sound and the tubes aren't fully broken in yet. I hope this helps someone decide. If you are on the fence, get one! The guys at Advisor are great to do business with, too.

- VInyl Geek, NY
Five Stars

I did a lot of research before puttin down my credit card on this one and it sounds amazing. The very first album I played was 180g David Gilmore Live at Pompeii and it sounded like I was at the concert! I've never heard such clarity and texture in any recording - ever. Everything I've listed to since has been as rich and real. Great kit!

- Antony M, MN

Sounded great straight from the box and I know it has miles to go before its broken in. Seems to be the perfect match for my Pro-Ject turntable with Shure V15 phono cartridge. I have been listening to vinyl since 1979 and stil have some of those original albums. With this DS unit its like hearing them for the first time again. The unit sounds like it's worth the orginal $700 price - it made that much difference in my system - but very happy I only had to pay $400 for it. BARGAIN!

- Mitchell R, OH
Right on the money for me

I recently upgraded my system with a new Project Classic turntable with Ortofon 2M Silver phono cartridge - also purchased from Audio Advisor - but decided my old NAD PP2 phono preamp was just not up to the new level of my sytem. I saw this Project unit on sale and decided to try it. The improvement was immediate and obvious on every single album I have played. Over time and the tubes warm up and break in I am detecting another step up in detail and clarity for the mids, highs and soundstage. The bass goes deeper, too. Thanks to Kaan for helping me with this selection. His recommendation was right on the money.

- K.P.T. MD, DE
Worth It

This little preamp made a nice difference in my system giving it a more natural sound quality. This was more than I wanted to spend on a phono preamp, but it turns out it was worth it.

- Garlan V, NH