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Great GREAT turntable

I've been playing this table since AA shipped it to me set up with the cartridge of my choice, a Grado Reference Sonata 2 and i have to say i've never been happier with a piece of audio equipment. I was happy with my 10 year old Pro-Ject Debut pre-carbon arm with a Grado Gold 1 cart and every available upgrade Acrylic platter, speed box, record weight, even Cardis RCA ends a tech installed for me but was looking for a serious turntable upgrade, one I would be happy with for a long long time, so the contenders were the EAT C Major, VPI Scout and Xtension 9 The 9 won for a few reasons: Speed stability, isolation, looks and last but not least a dust cover. I've been fiddling and tweaking components for quite sometime now and liked the idea that this table had everything i wanted ready to go. Audio Advisor had a demo model for a great price so it was time to pull the trigger. I was getting great musical performance from my humble upgraded Debut 3 but the 9 is just more of EVERTHING I love of the Pro-ject / Grado combination. I highly recommend this deck. instruments sound like instruments and vocals are singing to you. Everything i throw at it is detailed, defined and spacious. Acoustic pianos sound amazing thanks to the dead on speed control, heft of the table and the great supplied 9cc tone arm.This turnable is also dead quite, no hum what so ever with a Grado cart, and is gorgeous in appearance. If you're looking for a turntable that will give you incredible high end performance, buy this one!

- Ryan S, IL