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A gem

I bought this on impulse, not knowing what to do it with. At the discounted price, I thought, how could I go wrong. The unit arrived 5 days ahead of the promised time. I then was contemplating to get a demo CD/DAC player and a pair of small desktop speakers for it. I opened the box and was impressed by the weight of the amp and the fit n finish. I could not wait for the CD/DAC & desktop speakers. So I hooked it up to the external DAC and Magnaplan v1.7. Yes, I know it is a mismatch of amp and speaker as my Maggie is a power hungry beast at 4ohms. What the heck. There is only 1 way to find out. Guess what, at 1 oclock volume setting on the amp, my Maggie is loud enough with bass low enough to keep me glued to my listening chair. The soundstage is phenomenal and for a mere 16.5w per 8ohm per side, it is a steal of the century. The midrange and treble are so easy on my ear that I have no need to use my 350W class AB amp to drive my Maggie. Thank you, Audio Advisor for carrying such a phenomenal and musical product. Hurry up and get one unit before they are all gone! I am not affiliated with Audio Advisor, just an every day consumer.

Gee Tee
Nice and smooth

Bought this along with some Monitor Audio BX1 speakers to use with a turntable. Sounds wonderful. Just changed the tubes out for with some 5760s and the soundstage opened up nicely. Harshness of the highs cleared up as well. Highly recommended.

- Tim G, CA

I have had this thing for a week or two and absolutely love it. I put some new tubes in it just today and I am floored. I have a Sunfire theater grand 3 receiver and love the way it sounds through my Polk RTA 15s. Its 200 watts of clean crisp power. I hooked this little gem up to them through my Topping D20 DAC and I am in audio bliss. The stock tubes sounded great but the new tubes I got from the Tube Depot make this thing blow away the Sunfire. The detail and texture of the music is nothing like I have ever heard through these speakers. Keep in mind that these speaker are full size tower huge speakers. At just 16.5 watts I cant believe it! Tubes are the only way to go!! I also have a Yaqin VK 2100 integrated amp. It sounds great but cannot even come close to the liquid detail and lush sound from the A 6000. You cannot go wrong with this little amp. At 240.00 it is truly a steal. I have to say also that Audio Advisor had this thing to my door in 3 days!

- Mark J, MN
balanced and clean

my main amplifier for 15 years has been an Accuphase amp. given the Qinpus price, when the time came to put a smaller system together it seemed tempting to simply play with the tube sound. i must say - wow. what a bargain for an extremely balanced, clean musicality. my system now is very apartment friendly with a Benchmark DAC2 feeding into the Qinpu and the latter driving PSB Imagine Mini bookshelf speakers - and sounds very clean. Staging is sharp, instruments defined, and everything flows quite effortlessly. i listen to music with a smile on my face...

- pablo l, CA
Great office amp

Purchsaed this along with some Audioengine P4 speakers. Nice combination. Coupled this with a Hegel HD2 DAC from my laptop. Sound is amazing and at high levels, minimal distortion. Gerat for a small office playing jazz music. Cant wait to roll some 5670 tubes versus the provided 6N3 and hear the dirrerences. Great bargain.

- Brad R, IL
One of the most audio component that I ever heard!!

Its got this natural dynamic range with richness and warmth as well as its ability to let the sounds natural,gracefully decay with the black backdrop.Create an excellent sense of musical flow. Youll probably become quickly addicted to it........

- John A, MN
Best Investment Ive Ever Made

Two weeks after purchasing my review is, this is incredible. It sounds so warm and clear and beautiful. I had never owned tubes and wondered how loud it could go, not that I play loud music, but its just good to have the power. I have never turned it up past 40%, i.e. it has more than enough power to please a LARGE room. I wouldnt hesitate buying another one.

- Darryl R, GA
Terrific bargan

Really impressed with this amp. Driving a pair of the Cambridge Audio S-30 bookshelf speakers and the sound is glorious. Big sound stage, great imaging and very pleased. A no brainer purchase.

- Fred D, MA
For the $ unmatched

Been an active stereo serious listener since 1966 I have had Sherwood Marantz Onkyo,Denon,Harman kardon,Nad receivers/amps. I set the Qinpu on top of my Nad and cd player..Hooked up to my RA labs,Roy Allison speakers and my grado phones. It was a true warm vocal, acoustic, loving machine with great harmonics and a different feeling of air space around the performances them tubes got some kind of sound stage softness like it was not straining like a cool calmness, the standing string bass sounded there. The horn sections true to tone vocals smooth buttery I played in the school band trumpet,bass,guitar. I know live music nuances and tone not only was I surprised for the money I was grinning like I got away with something. Does anybody out there know how good this amp sounds talk about economy audiophile equipment. Give it a try the amp is beautiful the blue and orange glow of the tubes wood with brushed allum. It drives the Ra labs great I just wished it had a speaker switch for headphone. I had to disconnect the speakers to use phones and another rca input would be nice but the sound for the money you will have to experience for yourself.

- Victor M, SC
Great for my 1st one

I bought this amp and a pair of Sony SS-B3000 speakers from here at the same time. Its my first tube amplifier of any kind. I had an Alteg Lansing 2021 computer speaker/subwoofer combination and replaced it with this new equipment. Its a vast improvement and the base of the speakers keeps up with the subwoofer turned up slightly which is where I always had it otherwise it was too boomie. You cant beat a dedicated subwoofer cranked up and I knew that going in but Im still very satisfied with the low range as well as the mid and high end of my new speaker/amp combination. I will recommend this amp to anyone wanting to go back to the superior sound of tube amplified music. Ive only had them on for about an hour but they say after 25 to 50 hours these amps and speakers will seek their own break in point and sound even better. Im feeding the amp with music from my computer sound card which is pretty unclean and it sounds very nice. The tunes are at 128Kbps at 44Khz joint stereo and MP3 so I can feed it much, much cleaner music and I cant wait to do so, for example a CD player right to the input. Im looking forward to listening to stuff I have ripped in FLAC/VBR or FLAC/CBR format and even HD FM stereo fed from a Sony HD tuner tuner only at 300mV line output power. Oh, power-wise I was little worried as I like to jam every once in a while and I was concerned about its 16.5 WRMS per channel. Its plenty loud so dont worry about this aspect and this is using a pair of speakers mentioned above whose 88dB sensitivity isnt that great. If you use speakers that are 91dB 3dB more, a key delta sensitive and higher, then youre even doing better in the loudness/volume department. It was packed very well but the input selector switch had some nics on it as well as one of the metal footies so thats the only reason I didnt give it a 5. Im sure the parts were in a big box or something before being placed on the unit but perhaps this is indicative of QC but none the less I love this product so far and I am now inspired to build my own single ended triode amp. It doesnt look that tough.

- Matt` C, WA
Audiophile bargain of the CENTURY! WOW!

I usually dont like to review equipment, BUT in this case, I just had to! I have my A-6000 driving a vintage pair of hi-res Polk Audio Monitor 10 speakers, and the sound is absolutely mind blowing incredible! Timbral accuracy, euphonic, sweet, and detailed come to mind. My SACD player sounds spectacular going into this tubed integrated amp. Im dumbfounded, given the low price!

- George P, OH
Holy smokes

I ordered this for my desk top.I could not believe the sound,I was in state of total disbelief at the sound quality,it sounded better than my 8k main system.So i got a second one and replaced my stereophile recommended amp in my main system.Wow ! this has to be the deal of the century.Highly,Highly recommended !

- Barry G, MD
Great unit

I bought this amp for the headphone section as I just bought a pair of AKG 702s. While it did not drive them to the level desired the quality of sound matched my V2 Musical fedelity headphone amp. Were it realy shines is as an intergrated amp. It plays my Triangle celuls to near full volume. the quality of sound is on par with my older Pass lab amp. Only my conrad johnson has less grain and greater micro dynamics. Dont think twice on this one, Audio Adviser will not be getting this one back, infact I will be getting one for my daughter so I can have the sweet spot back.

- Greg R, UT