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Suberp mini- integrated tube amplifier

The Qinpu A-3 was a pleasant surprise. It is a mini-integrated tube amplifier8.5 watts per channel. Being used in my small computer room. Connected to an old CD player and 2 small bookshelf speakersnot cheapies $250./pair. Very pleasing CD audio/with some bass! Highly recommended!

- Louis I, FL
Happy to have Qinpu A3

I purchased this Qinpu A3 a few months ago to power a pair of older Radio Shack sealed box, Japanese made Minimus 7 speakers that I have hooked up to my computer via Foobar. Tim sold me on the excellence of this amp and he was right, as usual! 1 week into owning this amp, I swapped in a pair of NOS G.E. 5670 tubes, and that gave this amp a more balanced and accurate sound. But, just today 3/20/13 this happened....since I never sell, trade or throw out any of my old hifi gear, I found I still had a couple of 6 ft lengths of Audioquest Slate speaker wire I bought from Audio Advisor a long time ago. Well, I am here to tell you, adding a very good speaker wire to this little amp DOES improve the sound...immensely! I am actually in a bit of a state of awe, as I write this review. I really do not remember these speakers ever sounding this full, definitive, and just plain right. I may not turn this set-up off tonight. 5 Stars for value, sound, ease of placement, and its ability to improve with better tubes and wires. I am happy to have this Qinpu A3..Yesssir.

- John M, MI
Watch the load!

It seems to work great with iTunes - HRT Streamer - Quinpu A3, but then has trouble driving Stax headphones at a reasonable volume, fine with speakers though.

- Bill B, CA
A lot of amp for under $200!

I was skeptical about this amplifier and this company. With that said, I was determined to give it a fair shot. I hooked up a NAD C-515BEE using a set of 1m AudioQuest Evergreen RCA interconnects. Speakers used were a set of DCM CX-17s and Klipsch KG.5s connected with a set of 8 Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables. CDs used were both MFSLs U2 Joshua Tree Rush Moving Pictures. Initial Impressions: A good amp. Solid construction from front to back. Bonos voice was smooth but detailed. Imaging was good but not great. Tom Sawyer was loud and fast. The DCM CX17s paired well with the A3. The Klipsch was almost a bit harsh despite the tube stage on the A3. A Proper Burn In: Using the Cardas CD and a set of Cerwin Vega D8s stuffed in a sound proof chest, I allowed the A3 play the track 7 of the Cardas burn in cd on repeat for the next 12 hours at a moderate level. I see it as accelerated life testing. The wife sees it as wasting electricity. The Morning After: WOW!!! I had to check to see if it was the same amp. The presence, the imaging, the warmth was unmatched at this price. Two Months Later: This amp continues to impress me. I did a few blind listening tests with friends and none of them were able to pick out the more expensive, more reputable amplifier. Of course, when you start to bring the volume up, there is a point where this little amp with start showing weakness. But I can assure you that youd be deaf sooner than later if you listen to music at those levels all the time. I have heard that the 5670 tubes are a direct drop in for the 6N3s. I have yet to roll the tubes on the A3. So far the factory tubes have been a solid performer. In Summary: With a proper burn in period, I think this amp is an absolute steal at this price. If you are able to hook them up to a high efficiency speaker, I think this is all the amp you would need for most rooms. There are no tone controls and there is one pointless output for a powered sub. The only improvements I would make would be losing the aux input, the input selector switch, and the subwoofer output.

- Tony K, CA
Sweet Little Amp

This sweet little amp looks and sounds fantastic. It drives my Mission 701 speakers to room filling levels with the kind of sparkling hear-through sound you only get from tubes. Also nice as a headphone amp pushing my Grado SR60s and Sennheisser HD495s. This is a FUN piece of gear for what you might expect to pay for a decent interconnect cable.

- Travis C, NJ
good starter amp.

I have this amp connected to an insign HD tuner and small JBL 10 speakers. And I am impressed. The sound and clarity is there.On the speaker posts you really need jacks. Post are to close together to wire easily. This amp is a keeper.

- Norman H, NE