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I had never heard tubes before and to think this $70 amp is the starting point is just breathtaking. I've had this playing for about 3 hours and love what I'm hearing so much I had to write a review right now. The sound is warm, clean, and non-fatiguing. I can only look forward to how this will sound when its broken in as I've read the audio signature with tubes gets even better with time. Curious? At $70 you have little to lose and if your experience is like mine you'll be in for quite the treat.

- Bradford E, MD

Amazing. This little amp takes up just a bit more space than a mouse pad, but drives my bookshelf speakers to room-filling volume with ease. Very straightforward setup and operation, turn it on and let it rip! The warmth and clarity are wonderful and work goes by just that much better with this by my desk. My only wish was for better speaker post connectors...standard bananas wouldnt cost more but would work WAY better.

- Gary H, HI