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Newcomers MUST Have

For us old vinyl fans this bush is a must. For newcomers, you MUST have one of these. A cinch to use.

- Bryce R, ID
A Must

Works well for maintaining and enjoying my vinyl record collection. This is a carbon fiber record brush so it will not damage your records and cleans the record surface very well. Anyone with a vinyl collection needs a quality record cleaning brush and this one works well. Highly recommended.

- Hiram D, NY
Cleans LPs

Works great! Buy it! Your record collection will thank you

- AG, AR
Must have for vinyl

This is a must have for vinyl. It cleans light dust out of the grooves, but mainly, carbon is conductive so it takes any static out of the record so you don't get pops in the audio. It's easy to use, just put the record on the player and spin it up, hold the brush lightly against the record as it spins, let it make a few rotations as you gently pull the brush off the wide of the record to pull any dirt off the side. After a couple uses you'll notice a small pile of dust at the point where you pull the brush off and that is a good thing. My only small complaint is that you shouldn't really touch the bristles on the brush and there is a self wiping feature built in to the handle, but this is fairly difficult to use without touching the bristles. It does seem to work though. It's a good idea to keep this in a zip lock bag when not in use to keep it dust free in order to avoid spreading contaminants.

You will notice a difference

Great little tool. It's not the end all-be all solution to dirty and dusty records, but it you will notice a significant improvement in the sound of your records... especially if you haven't been cleaning them before. I don't have a particularly nice record player, and hadn't been cleaning my records. I just thought the pops and surface noise were part of the experience. But using this brush there is very little surface noise and has improved my vinyl listening experience by a TON. Highly recommend.

Does the job

Gets the job done

Cleaner LPs

Works great. Easy to use. Good price.

- Irek M, IA
Great Design

Great design for a brush. it flips inside of itself and allows you to store it without having to worry about bending the bristles.

- Sam R, ND