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Product Reviews

This product works well for me. I like the idea of buying a concentrate so I can mix only as much vinyl cleaner as I’ll be using for a week or so. I use distilled water which I also run through a water purifier. Maybe overkill but at least I’m sure there’s no particulate in the mix. The LPs come out super clean and sound pristine. The solution has completely eliminated static from my vinyl which isn’t something I really noticed until it was gone.

- James Mason, FL
Five Stars

Excellent cleaner

- Kim Ryan, UT
Good Product

Good product. My LPs come out brilliantly clean and sound awesome. Using ProJect VC-S cleaner machine. No negatives

- Geoff B, WA
Very good, IMO

Very good solution. I cant think of any negatives. I like the fact that its a concentrate and I can mix up as much cleaner as I want. Using reverse-osmosis water from my home’s drinking water system. The results are amazing. Records come out shiny clean. I have a VPI 16.5 machine and tried the VPI cleaning solution but don’t think it cleans as well, IMO.

- Edmund C, HI

I live in Hawaii and shipping ready-made record cleaning solutions here is crazy expensive so I love this small bottle concentrate which I mix with high purity water from the supermarket. I haven’t tried all that many cleaners but this one seems to Deep clean better than the Nitty Gritty solution which I tried for my Nitty Gritty 1.5fi machine. BTW I found cleaning records twice really improves the sound. I clean every LP - new or sued - as soon as I get it home. Then just before I play the album I clean it again. This method, I will tell you, cleans every last spec of dust and dirt from deep inside the grooves. The albums come out spotless and they have practically zero surface noise. Recommend this solution highly.

- Sterling D.V., HI
Works Perfectly Well For Me

I have a Record Doctor vinyl cleaning machine so I also wanted to try the LP solution, too. I tried several of the home-brew types of vinyl cleaners I found online but with very mixed results. Some left a film residue that was hard to remove. Nothing cleans better than a vacuum machine and this one cleans just like the expensive ones - with a vacuum - but is much cheaper. This solution works perfectly well for me with this machine.

- Jonathan Price, TN
My New Favorite Solution

RxLP is my new favorite soluiton. My old favorite was by Torumat but that's been off the market for years. RxLP cleans LPs very well and leaves no residue. It also noticably reduces static electricity which is a problem in my apartment especially in winter.

- Al V, ME
Good Stuff

Over the years I've tried a variety of LP cleaners from Nitty Gritty, VPI, Spin Clean, KAB and others. This is my new best friend. I like that it uses a powerful but diluted detergent instead of being alcohol based. I worry about an alcohol solution drying out my records and don't want to use one. I use this solution with a VPI HW16 cleaning machine and my LPs come out spotless.

- Miles C, MO
It's Good

Good solution. Keeps my LPs clean. Love that I can buy with free shipping when I buy only two bottles.

- Carl H, NE
squeeky clean and shiny,a noticable improvement

This is the way to go If you have a lot of records to clean. I have cleaned about 400 Lps with great results! I used about 1/2 a gallon thus far so 800-1000 records can be done. Would definitely recommend!! Snap, crackle and pop are virtually gone.