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Works as advertised!

Well, having cleaned a few records last night with the Record Doctor, Im happy to report that it works as advertised! LPs come off the vacuum with a nice glossy surface and play with none of the first-play crackle that seems to be a part of the Spin-Clean experience. Im still fine-tuning my user technique, but turning the disc slowwwly over the vacuum definitely brings the best results. I have no significant issues with how easily discs spin, and I have no need to buy the upgraded KAB platter. I have yet to try it with REALLY dirty records, which is one area in which the Spin-Clean excels. If it can match the Spin-Cleans performance on thrift store records - and if I can get it to work with large hole 45s which I believe it will with some finessing, but havent yet tried - then my Spin-Clean will likely be put up for sale. In short, assuming that its built to last, I declare the Record Doctor a very worthwhile purchase.

- Glenn S, MA
Scares my cat!

Your machine really sucks! OK, I couldnt resist saying that. Kidding aside, the Record Doctor does a great job cleaning up the used records I find at secondhand stores. Some of them are really gross. But the Record Doctor cleans them beautifully. Afterward most sound really great. Just one complaint. Any time I turn the machine on it sends my cat racing from the room. Kind of fun, actually.

- Charles v, NJ