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Most cost effective upgrade you can buy

If youve been bitten by the analog bug, youd be hard pressed to find a better upgrade, especially at only 2 bills, that will have a more dramatic affect on your enjoyment of vinyl. Brushes, towels, etc. simply move the gunk around, vacuum systems suck it out of the grooves quickly and easily...although not quietly as its quite loud. After cleaning what I thought were fairly pristine records, there was a noticeable reduction in noise and pops proving there is definitely more than meets the eye when looking at your collection. On the really scary looking lps we pick up at garage sales, flea markets, etc, the Record Dr. does a fantastic job of cleaning even moldy records and saving your stylus in the process. While it wont repair scratches...what does?...it will reduce surface noise by 80-90%. Amazing. You only get out what you put in. If the source isnt good, it simply doesnt matter what kind of system youve put together. There may be better record cleaning systems, but I havent seen or heard of anything that performs this well at anything close to this price.

- Darin K, CA
Great little record cleaning machine

I have owned a nitty gritty machine for over 28 years and recently sent it back to the factory for refurnishing. The problem is the machine was going to be gone for roughly two months. I needed a cheap replacement to clean my records in the meantime. In step this wonderful player for $200 bucks. It does a super job cleaning the records and I love it. So now I will have two machine in case one goes down.

- Al W, NC
Works as advertised!

Well, having cleaned a few records last night with the Record Doctor, Im happy to report that it works as advertised! LPs come off the vacuum with a nice glossy surface and play with none of the first-play crackle that seems to be a part of the Spin-Clean experience. Im still fine-tuning my user technique, but turning the disc slowwwly over the vacuum definitely brings the best results. I have no significant issues with how easily discs spin, and I have no need to buy the upgraded KAB platter. I have yet to try it with REALLY dirty records, which is one area in which the Spin-Clean excels. If it can match the Spin-Cleans performance on thrift store records - and if I can get it to work with large hole 45s which I believe it will with some finessing, but havent yet tried - then my Spin-Clean will likely be put up for sale. In short, assuming that its built to last, I declare the Record Doctor a very worthwhile purchase.

- Glenn S, MA
Scares my cat!

Your machine really sucks! OK, I couldnt resist saying that. Kidding aside, the Record Doctor does a great job cleaning up the used records I find at secondhand stores. Some of them are really gross. But the Record Doctor cleans them beautifully. Afterward most sound really great. Just one complaint. Any time I turn the machine on it sends my cat racing from the room. Kind of fun, actually.

- Charles v, NJ