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Nice record cleaner

I have a collection of new and mostly old records, Have realized that new pressings are worse than older lp's. Bought some brand new records that were skipping and making too much groove popping. Used the Record Doctor on my new Rainbow lp, and an original Judas Priest record from 86, Wow!! Played back both albums and was very happy and tow tapping from the playability and almost no snap crackle and pops. Awesome!

Great Machine!

Best investment I have made for my record collection! This thing is the bomb. Special thanks to Alister for replacing my RDV when it developed a slight defect. He rushed my new RDV out immediately as soon as new stock arrived! If you value your record collection, run don't walk and order immediately, you wont be disappointed!

- Bill I, TX
Best investment for Vinyl I ever made

I recently took my Technics SL-1700 MK 2 out of moth balls, tuned it up, and got back into my old vinyl and started buying some used vinyl. I tried an old Discwasher I had but, while this cleaned off the surface dust, it did not get into the grooves so the old vinyl still had the snap crackle and pops. After reading positive reviews from fellow vinyl lovers I have always wanted a RCM, like a VPI, Nitty Gritty or Okki Nokki, but the cost kept putting me off. After much research I decided to finally take the plunge and bought a Record Doctor V and have to say it is the best investment I have ever made related to my record collection. I started by cleaning a couple of used LP's I bought recently which looked very clean with no scratches but both had issues. One skipped as soon as the stylus dropped on the first track and the other had so many snap crackles and pops it was hard to listen to. After a quick cleaning with the Record Doctor the skip was gone from the one LP and the majority of surface noise was greatly reduced on the other where it was now an enjoyable listen. I did deduct one star due to the cheap brush supplied with the unit and the ridiculously small supplied thrust bearing, about he size of a dime, the platter spins on. The supplied brush did a poor job applying the cleaning fluid so I purchased a Mobile Fidelity brush which worked great. For the thrust bearing I bought a larger version from KAB which eliminated the platter wobble you get with the original. While you probably can live with the originally supplied items the upgrades are well worth the $40 cost and makes for much better record cleaning experience. I cleaned 30 records so far with one session of 20 and did not find it to overheat or shutdown. The fan cover did get warm so I do recommend making sure the bottom mounted fan has adequate space to do it's job so I would not block the bottom of the unit. Also works really well using a Spin Clean followed by the Record Doctor to dry the LP's for those grungy used LP bargains. All I can say is it produced a dramatic improvement in the sound quality of the LP's I cleaned so I would highly recommend it to anyone who takes record collecting seriously.

A very solid performe!

This Id a great upgrade from the spin doctor which I used for many moons. it is solidly built and does all that needs to be done to really clean records perfectly.The price is uNbelievable for a vacuum machine of this type.

Record Doctor V

Very pleased with purchase. Should have bought one a long time ago. Staff was very helpful answering my questions. Marked difference in albums I have cleaned. I like that it vacuums from the bottom, and that all that is covered is the record label, so there is no cross contamination to the opposite side of record surface.

- David D, ID
Mandatory for anyone playing vinyl.

I finally took a chance a picked up the Record Doctor V. I am immensely glad and relieved I purchased this unit! The increase in overall detail across the board from bass to treble, channel separation, vocal smoothness and resolution, and depth of field perspective was truly, audibly improved. It literally allows my expensive phono stylus to lay substantially closer to the groove, and it sounds as if its a brand new LP. It is obvious with any age record- brand new or used. I feel like Ive been cheating myself on a required tool for vinyl playback- for years. Without question, one of the Top 5 accessories any vinyl listener should own... System: VPI HW-19 mk4 / Jelco 750d / Soundsmith Carmen / VPI SAMA / VPI Isolators Audio Intelligent Premium One Step No.6 / MoFi Record brush Points about use: Heats up... Keep to a coupla LPs every 10 minutes and let it rest when the fan gets warmish-hot! Use the good fluid and brushes mentioned above. Period. Buy extra lined pads for replacement- 50 soiled to 100 clean-ish LPs is a good range for each pad life.

Cannot beat the performance per dollar

Ive been using a Spin Clean for a year or so and after lots of listening I decided that adding a vacuum cleaner was a step that I need to take. The price of the Record Doctor vacuum was impossible to ignore. Being my first venture into this type I didnt want to spend more, at least yet. Combining a manual cleaning, then the Spin Clean bath followed by the Record Doctor cleaning and vacuuming has given me an easy process that yields great results on new and used vinyl alike. I doubt I will ever need more than this process now.

- Val P, KY
Pretty darn good!

I just got my Record Doctor V today. I took out two records to test it on: the first was my MoFi pressing of Pink Floyds DSotM that I bought in early 1980 and that got played ad nauseum through the end of my senior year in high school and all through college, and, on the other end of the time scale, my MoFi pressing of Los Lobos Kiko disk number 232 in the series if you must know!!. While it cleaned up a lot of the snaps, crackles, and pops on DSotM, it didnt get them all. I may need to give it a second spin to see if I can get out some of the deeper, smokier, more resinous dust. On Kiko, a relatively new acquisition that has only lived in a smoke-free environment, it sucked out every little crackle. Granted, there really werent many, but its spooky black and silent between the tracks, like the first time I played the LP. If you get this, get that KAB GLIDING PLATTER FOR R.D.V as the bearing that comes with this machine is laughably small. Simple to use, though, and, so far, its done a good job cleaning the two LPs Ive put on it, especially Kiko!

- Chris W, MI
Definitely worth the money to get records clean

I purchased the Record Doctor V record cleaning machine a few months ago and have cleaned hundreds of records that I started collecting in the 1970s. I grew up using a disk washer kit and never heard of a record vacuum cleaner system until I started listening to records again several months ago. The record collection had been in storage since the 1990s. Im glad that I didnt sell my collection. The records sounded dirty using the disk washer kit, so I purchased the Spin Clean system. This was an improvement, but still wasnt getting my records as clean as I thought they should be. After looking at vacuum RCMs, I decided that I didnt need a machine that spun the record for me and that I would give the Record Doctor a try. Ive upgraded the platter and now the records dont wobble at all. Ive also started using different brushes and fluids with even better results after I used up the supply that came with the machine. I highly recommend this RCM for anyone looking to get started using a vacuum record cleaning system.

Bobby W
Most cost effective upgrade you can buy

If youve been bitten by the analog bug, youd be hard pressed to find a better upgrade, especially at only 2 bills, that will have a more dramatic affect on your enjoyment of vinyl. Brushes, towels, etc. simply move the gunk around, vacuum systems suck it out of the grooves quickly and easily...although not quietly as its quite loud. After cleaning what I thought were fairly pristine records, there was a noticeable reduction in noise and pops proving there is definitely more than meets the eye when looking at your collection. On the really scary looking lps we pick up at garage sales, flea markets, etc, the Record Dr. does a fantastic job of cleaning even moldy records and saving your stylus in the process. While it wont repair scratches...what does?...it will reduce surface noise by 80-90%. Amazing. You only get out what you put in. If the source isnt good, it simply doesnt matter what kind of system youve put together. There may be better record cleaning systems, but I havent seen or heard of anything that performs this well at anything close to this price.

- Darin K, CA
Great little record cleaning machine

I have owned a nitty gritty machine for over 28 years and recently sent it back to the factory for refurnishing. The problem is the machine was going to be gone for roughly two months. I needed a cheap replacement to clean my records in the meantime. In step this wonderful player for $200 bucks. It does a super job cleaning the records and I love it. So now I will have two machine in case one goes down.

- Al W, NC
Works as advertised!

Well, having cleaned a few records last night with the Record Doctor, Im happy to report that it works as advertised! LPs come off the vacuum with a nice glossy surface and play with none of the first-play crackle that seems to be a part of the Spin-Clean experience. Im still fine-tuning my user technique, but turning the disc slowwwly over the vacuum definitely brings the best results. I have no significant issues with how easily discs spin, and I have no need to buy the upgraded KAB platter. I have yet to try it with REALLY dirty records, which is one area in which the Spin-Clean excels. If it can match the Spin-Cleans performance on thrift store records - and if I can get it to work with large hole 45s which I believe it will with some finessing, but havent yet tried - then my Spin-Clean will likely be put up for sale. In short, assuming that its built to last, I declare the Record Doctor a very worthwhile purchase.

- Glenn S, MA
Scares my cat!

Your machine really sucks! OK, I couldnt resist saying that. Kidding aside, the Record Doctor does a great job cleaning up the used records I find at secondhand stores. Some of them are really gross. But the Record Doctor cleans them beautifully. Afterward most sound really great. Just one complaint. Any time I turn the machine on it sends my cat racing from the room. Kind of fun, actually.

- Charles v, NJ