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Regas Brio-R is Regal!

Ive owned Arcam, Adcom & Jolita amps. While the Rega was out of my price range, it is extraordinary. I know it take 100 hours to fully burn in, but out of the box the bass slam was remarkable. Within 12 hours, the soundstage opened up, and upper details were smooth. My thanks to Matt for recommending this. The phono stage, a rarity these days, is quite nice. My VPI turntable is happy. One of the great benefits is that I now no longer need to use my Wharfedale subwoofer, since my NHT tower speakers finally have been able to realize their full potential, especially with regards to bass extension. My Peachtree DAC-It unit helps as well. Go for it!

- Terry F, TN
Really nice

Ive been living with the Brio R for about six months ago. Of all the stereo purchases Ive made over the past 15 years, this is by far the one that has caused the greatest improvement. Smooth, musical, with well defined base. For pure musicality, Ive seldom heard as good. The only downside is that with the black chassis, the control LED labeling can be bit hard to make out.

- brad B, MA