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Great if you are using a Rega Arm

This is a great sounding cartridge for a turntable with a Rega arm. If you do not want to spend a lot of time tweaking a cartridge to an arm, then look no further. Within a few minutes you will be spinning your favorite records. The three point mounting makes alignment a snap. However this is just the opposite if you are trying to install it in anyone elses arm. First, I cannot find published specs for weight mass and compliance. This alone makes it hard to match the cartridge to another arm. Also, it is an alignment nightmare. The body has several tapered shapes that really make it hard to set-up properly. I tried it in 2 older arms and neither sounded good or tracked well. These same arms had no problem with cartridges that matched them over the years. Even the current line of Grados played flawlessly. In a Rega arm the Exact comes alive! It tracks well, presents a dark back round to noise, and presents a nice sound stage with good dynamics. It is non-fatiguing to listen too. In this price range it might just be the best match for an Rb250 or Rb300 tone arm. Other Thoughts: use the original Rega turntable mat unless you replace it with something of the exact thickness. This keeps the VTA just perfect for this cartridge. I also found that the 1.75g recommended tracking force sounded best. Rega sure made it easy if you have a Rega.

- John G, NY