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A welcome return to vinyl.

It was 1977, Star Wars was all the rage. I was 9 and I saved my allowance to buy my first album, the Star Wars soundtrack. Had been listening to albums all my life, I recall Disney Winnie the Pooh albums in particular but this soundtrack was MY first. I played that album to no end and was in love even with just our cheesy all-in-one console system. Fast-forward 30+ years and as I listen to modern CDs that mostly sound like static with somebodys voice layered over it, I wondered...could vinyl bring back that old love? I took the plunge with the Rega RP1 w/PP and I have to say that I could not be happier. The sound is warm, articulate, full, just like I remembered. I realize that this is an entry-level TT and I WILL be upgrading to something more substantially built in the future Im not a big fan of plastic but as far as sound quality goes, this turntable is amazing and a welcome return to vinyl. One minor adjustment that I had to make was to back-off the counter weight a bit as when its pushed on all the way on as instructed, it would cause the cartridge body to every so lightly graze the album periodically. I just move the counter-weight back every so slightly and that took care of the problem. If youre like myself and looking to get back into vinyl, the RP1 is a fantastic place to start.

- Joseph C, CA