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Noticeable ground hum and platter wobble.

Considering the price I paid for this, I didnt think the RP1 would have such noticeable ground hum and platter wobble. Do your research on this issue, there are numerous videos on youtube displaying the often severe platter wobble. Audio Advisor and Rega do not consider this as something to repaired under warranty. When I contacted Audio Advisor about this, they told me they had to contact Rega and ... they are going to tell me that some wobble of the platter is normal.


I am just now starting into vinyl and the RP1 w/Performance Pack has been great i am shocked at how much of an improvement vinyl is over digital. My RP 1 has the British flag very cool. I also have a parks audio Budgie tube amp a Shannon Parks design, he sent out the tube amp and singed the manual. the turn table and tube amp are connected to a pair of Audio Engine A5+ speakers and an Audio Engine S8 sub. The A5s are very good but not very revealing to the tube amps settings, but this turntable still makes the most of theses great speakers with the tube sound as an added bonus. Cannot go wrong on this one folks.

- Darrin S, MO
Rega at its best, at a reasonable price

After getting over 100 hours, I noticed the cartridge smoothed out and simply sounds superb. Unlike its competitor, it doesnt have dangling anti-skate controls, opting for magnets instead. If theres a negative, its the tendency of the cue to float due to anti-skate, but a careful cleaning of the surface stopped it. No noise and low wow and flutter. Im not sure there is anything else I can say.

- David L, GA