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Theres a difference between affordable and cheap

and these are cheap. ABS spikes are fine in principle, but the dont fit in the pre-drilled holes for them. You have to hand-turn the wood screws or the MDF will split. The entire edifice feels like it was made to support the listed weight, and not a tenth of an ounce more, in order to protect a profit margin. Ive assembled other MDF furniture before but never been warned that I couldnt use a power driver without breaking it. For the price theyre OK but when I can afford better, these go in the dumpster.

- Jason L, MI
good except for floor spikes

screw into the holes a bit and then remove. From there its still blind but that does make it easier. the force fed spikes are very difficult to put in. I gave up on that. the directions show threads on them but there isnt any on mine. still its a solid product and visually appealing. the wood appears to be good quality. for 50 bucks I think its worth it.

- terry j, PA
Very Nice Product - recommended

Arrived today, I put them together without power tools in about 20 minutes and viola, nice speaker stands; I have read some reviews with complaints about the wood splitting, but I did not have that problem at all; seem pretty well made for $40/pair; Nice floor spikes also, not the kind that will easily injure someone.

- David Q, VA
Avoid - flawed product

I got these tonight, easy to put together. Problem is, and I hand tightened them, the screws are a bit too large, and the MDF center column pieces split from the screws. I might live with it, but should I have to? Product is cheap, in more ways than one.

- Ian G, NY