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Nice for the price, but ...

these stands have a major design flaw. The hole in the base plates is not in the center. It is offset about 1.5 inches to the back. If the base plates were flat on top this would not be a problem, but they are curved on the top. Therefore, when the post is attached to the base it leans back on a considerable angle. I had to raise the back foot higher than the front in order to compensate. Also, because the base is curved, the post does not mate well and rocks a bit. If the hole had been in the center, they would have been great. The build quality is very good, and they included an extra set of top plates 5 inches square which was perfect for me.

- Craig D, UT
Not secure

I am using with a pair of PSB Image B25 speakers which are way to big for these stands. However, I had to have one replaced because it was not level Sanus shipped it free with no proband they are way to wobbly with the 3 feet. If you are using a larger monitor dont get these. I wouldnt even use these with a medium size monitor.

- Matt D, PA
Sanus Euro speaker stands - Terrific!

Wonderful set of stands. Went together in about 5 minutes. Surprisingly sturdy, and very attractive. No flaws anywhere, all screw holes precisely lined up, machining is first rate. No need to spend more...perfectly satisfactory for just about anyone, I would think.

- Samuel D, NY