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Sounds great and versatile

Ive had my Bifrost for over a year now and have recently upgraded it. Firstly, let me say the sound quality I was receiving before the upgrades was really, really good. It works very well with JRiver, and in combination I was already in audio heaven. Well let me tell you that the upgrades are worth every penny of their costs. I noticed an immediate improvement, which like the stock Bifrost just keeps on improving. Audio Advisor continues to provide me with good products that they ship quickly. Matter of fact my whole system minus speakers has been purchased, piece by piece, from Audio Advisor.... even though I have a quality audio store, SOUNDSCAPE, in Baltimore, very much nearby.

- Larry W, MD
Excellent Sound and Value

Ill be brief and to the point. I received my standard non-USB Bifrost from AA. I have two other DACS in the house - an Emotiva XDA-1 and the ESS Saber DAC in my Oppo BDP-95. The Schiit , after burn-in sounds fabulous in my upstairs system. I have been doing A-B comparisons between the Bifrost and the Oppo in this system. I am feeding both a feed on my wireless network NAS media server so they are receiving the same signal feed of 24/96 hi-def music files. The differences are very subtle, but I do think I have a slight preference for the Bifrost. Images are very focused and well defined. The soundstage has gained both width and depth. Bifrost may err just a tad toward the lean side though there is loads of strong well articulated bass - this probably contributes to its excellent transparency. On superior recordings,vocals can be eerily present right in the room with me! I couldnt be happier with this purchase - and made in the USA too!! Fabulous build quality. Im placing my order tomorrow with Schiit for the uber analog upgrade board. If it gets better than what Im hearing now, Ive got to try the upgrade!!! For reference - the system it is in follows: Custom built Response Audio Signature Edition EL-34 integrated amp built by Bill Baker 45 watts/ch; Oppo BDP-95 Blu-Ray/universal disc player; Schiit Bifrost DAC; KEF iQ90 tower speakers. All cabling is Morrow Audio SP3, MA2.

Bifrost Is Awesome

I sit in front of my computer for hours every day enjoying videos and music. I have been feeding my Yamaha S700 amp from the computers line out jack and thought I was getting pretty good sound out of my Vienna Acoustics Haydn speakers until I broke down and sprung for the Bifrost. Fortunately my pc has a SPDIF out jack so I was able to go with the non usb model. I made it a point to listen to some high rez FLAC files before connecting the Bifrost for the first time. Then I played the same files after installing the Bifrost and Boy Oh Boy what a difference a Bifrost makes. The same files now sound so much better, it is hard to put into words other than to say the Bifrost is the best upgrade I have done in years. If you are considering a DAC for your pc do not hesitate. I will never go back to computer sound cards again, an external DAC if the way to go!!! The Bifrost is the most economical choice for a DAC that plays native 192/24 files without relying on conversion so you are getting the unaltered real thing which is as close to perfect as you can get!

- David F, FL
All that and Upgradable Too!!

So far I have ordered an integrated amp, a CD player, a DVD player - all Cambridge Audio, various/numerous interconnects and power cords, a line conditioner, an audio rack, numerous tweaks & cleaners, and two DACs from Audio Advisor, this DAC being the newest item ordered. It is awesome! At about 48 hours of break-in this DAC really took off and left my old DAC in the dust although the V-DAC also sounded very, very musical. It took my system up to a whole new level. As usual shipping was fast, secure and the item well packed. Finally, this DAC being upgradeable, I look forward to it being in my system a long time. With a sound like what I am hearing that will be fine with me, and any upgrades could only increase my enjoyment. Thans, AA.

- Larry C, MD
My Intro to DAC World

I saw enough reviews of enough products to figure the beauty of an external DAC is truly in the ear of the beholder. So I chose the USB-less Bifrost more or less as a gamble, swayed by its simplicity, build, and price point. I also made it a point to amass upgraded cabling all around. I neither own a high-fi computer system nor consider myself an audiophile, what with my certifiable ears of tin...but I now hear more, smoother and cleaner notes from the same tracks through an old and semi-cheap pair of speakers. I believe an Asgard is in my future.

- John F, NJ

This is a quick review. Normally Id wait a decent burn-in interval, perhaps till Audio Advisors 30 day evalation period had passed, but my conclusion is already clear: You want one of these, and you cant have my unit, its not going back. This is the best sound Ive ever been able to produce at home. On to building DIY speakers to match... I eased into DACs with a few Audioengine D2s to go with their A2 powered speakers at each of my computer desks get the A5 speakers instead if you have the money and the room, then an HRT Music Streamer II+ to go between a Mac mini and my main stereo system. This is HRTs best unit for this purpose, but it has USB in, audio out, period. It draws power from the USB bus, and sounds distinctly better when run through a powered USB hub, to draw on a separate 2.5 amp wall wart. So I was thinking about this and staring at the mess of digital components connected to my stereo Apple Airport Express via Toslink to Audioengine D1 DAC, Mac mini via USB to USB Hub to HRT Music Streamer, and the other shoe dropped. Or, one could say, the Schiit hit the fan. For this same money, one can get a single DAC that plugs into AC power, selects sources, uses the newest digital chips, and has a remarkable analog section. I considered the Peachtree DAC-iT, the Schiit Bifrost, and a few other units. The Schiit Bifrost won. Its USB inputs support 44.1, 88.2, 96, and 192 not 176.2 sampling rates, while the DAC-iT only supports 44.1 and 96; no one supports 176.2 on USB yet. The 88.2 rate is critical if one wants to try x2 oversampling in software from CD rips; same for 192 if one wants to try upsampling to the maximum possible rate in software. The Schiit, like the Peachtree but not the HRT Music Streamer, is galvanicly isolated. The Schiit has an AC cord powering an internal power supply feeding a fully discrete, JFET differential topology analog output stage. That sort of analog circuit doesnt fit in any of my smaller DACs, and needs power. Real power. Dont forget the A in DAC, a DAC is your bridge from digital to analog, and the analog section matters, big time. This was all obvious in hindsight. You knew this too, Im just reminding you. Digital isnt a magic bullet, one needs to respect analog principles that have been understood for decades. In fact, weve been suffering through a decade-long digital dark ages, like the dot matrix printer era, when convenience trumped sound quality. Now were in a period of rapid change, where your computer can finally sound better than your best decade-old CD player. Now is the time to rethink your stereo system from scratch. For a 2-channel home audio system, a typical contemporary solution is a Mac mini to DAC to attenuator to power amp to speakers. Yes, many of us are leaving preamps out of the chain, for a purer sound. Tone control can be accomplished better in software, if one wants. Lots of functions are moving to software; the transition has only just begun. There are strong, independent reviews of the Bifrost on the web, by reviewers who can compare to much more expensive equipment. Believe them.

- Dave B, NY