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Follow Up to Q Up and Pro-Ject Carbon

I spoke e-mailed with Corey here at AA. He sent me a PDF of the manual and I adjusted the Lift force sensitivity, it now gently lifts the tone arm. Customer service here is top notch.

- Tom T, FL
Q Up and Pro-Ject Carbon

I finally got the Q Up installed. Was a bit tedious to get it placed just right but it is a turntable not a sledgehammer. It took less than 5 minutes. Overall it seems like a neat little gadget that does what it is supposed to. It could do it better though. There are a couple of less than perfect bits though, is that once installed, you have to use it. It sits high enough that it prevents the tonearm from moving across the record surface if it is not cocked. When it is tripped by the tonearm it lifts the tonearm fast enough that the tonearm bumps the lid. It is surprisingly quiet though. I did not notice a boom from my speakers when it lifted. I imagine I can thank Pro-Ject for the isolation rather than Q Up for the gentle handling.

- Tom T, FL
Q-UP review

I also was frustrated trying to set up unit on my Rega RP1.I ended up using unit by itself without the extra lifts and using a piece of thicker,foam 2-sided tape I got at home depot. after that, it was easy to dial in. its a little abrupt & loud but it serves its purpose & gives me peace of mind which is why I gave it 4 stars.

john m
its doesnt work

I have a VPI Jr. turntable with a Rega 3 tonearm. I reviewed their website as well as the youtube videos, and it is not compatible. It may work on other turntables, but not mine.

- Terry F, TN