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Rich, Warm Sound

I just love this CD player. It has a warm and rich sound that I never had before on my classic and jazz CDs. Instruments, especially violin and acoustic guitar - have a tonal richness that was not there with my Rotel CD player. It must have a good laser because it plays several CDs that my Rotel couldn't play. Excellent product and inexpensive compared to the other CD players I was looking at which I'm not convinced would sound better anyway. Recommended.

- Jun X, DC

Let me explain a little about myself.. I am a huge audiophile for many years.. age 49 and I was into this hobby since I was 10 years old. I had hands on with many product costing way more than this player.. Its really that good out of the box after 30 minutes I realized wow this thing is really good... I really wasnt really expecting to keep this CD player but it really fooled me... its that good.. silky smooth highs very detailed and robust.. bass it not at all tubby and I think its worth every penny compared to whats out there. If you can find an open box deal like I did, its beyond worth it.. I wasnt looking to spend over 1200.00 for it. The transport is very quiet too. I think the transport might be the same as some Audio-Research players which Ive been around.. this CD player is not cheap.. its built solid and strong. I burned a 24bit 192 recording on a blank CD and it played it without any problems at all Im not sure if it down converted to 96k I will find out soon and update this review about that.. its so good Im not really worried about it. What I really like about it is you get all inputs and outputs along with a remote volume and that helps when you have a really good classic pre-amp that doesnt have a remote or you have other equipment like a Tascam DA 3000 recorder that players 192 and lower plus memory cards this might work for you too.. or you can go straight into the amp if your input impedance is not so sensitive. You wont be disappointed if the rest of your equipment is up to par.. It goes good with Parasound, Conrad Johnson, and Bryston. I would love to hear Vincent Audios amps. FAVE STARS WITHOUT ANY DOUBTS

- ML L, CO