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Very Happy with my purchase

Amazing sounding amplifier. Well built and extremely musical. Very happy with the purchase.

- G.G., CA
For the money its very fine

Comparing with the Vincent SP331 I have owned two years now. This one is an upgraded version of the SP331 with replacable 6N16 and 12AU7 tubes, and 10WRMS pure class A output. My regular 331 is a stellar performer with a warm, inviting sound, the MK version takes the sound a step further with a sweeter sound character. Tonal balance is more highly accurate and neutral and information retrieval is better especially in the bass and mid-bass ranges. Always amazed the way both these amps can suspend instruments in three-dimensional space, but the Mk amp does it even better IMO. For the money, this is a very fine amplifier.

- Damien D, MN
Great Amp Choice

After reading many great reviews for this amp online I finally decided to retire my old modified B&K amp and get the Vincent. Glad I did! This amp is a beast. Heavy and solidly built. Good German engineering. The sound is sooo sweet. Warm with superb tonal intonations. I get bass I never knew my speakers could produce. This amp took me to audiophile nirvana.

- Khanh V, NY
Magnifique !

We have owned many amps, pre-amps and receivers in our lifetime. This power amp is by far the best. The warmth, resonance and quality of sound surpasses anything weve ever heard. Congratulations to the engineers!


We have had many receivers, amplifiers, pre-amps - name it. This is by far the best unit weve had the pleasure of utilizing for our audio enjoyment. Any genre, any volume; the clarity, warmth and resonance of the music is astounding. Thank you to all the engineers !

- Frank R, ME
Simply astouding !!!!!!

After reading reviews for the past three years, I had my expectations and the amp has certainly lived up to every claim ever mentioned. The sound staging is grand, but in that enormity, still maintains meticulous transparency. It boasts a very detailed sound that enunciated the most subtle of notes and accompanied by a powerful and deep bottom end that seems effortless. Bass notes never noticed before comes alive with this amp. Also notable is the presence of the midrange. With adequate power, I have not had to even “push” this amp, but at reasonable levels, voices exhibit no distortion or strain. Hands down the best amp I have ever owned. A practical steal at its price!!!

Giant killer

Ive had this amp for about 4 months now. This amp is a giant killer. The performance Is well above the price. You would expect a amp that performs at this level to be priced more. The sound is clear and transparent. Most hybrids sound like solid state, but not Vincent..nice tube sounding a with the slam of SS. I did find if you leave the stock tubes in, the treble will sound a little soft, so I do. Recommend changing the tube. The ad for this amp list the amp as having a 12au7, but thats not the case. The more recent amps have a ECC91 tube. I was disappointed to learn this after attempting to change what I though was a 12au7. And to complicate matters its a 7 pin tube and not the traditional 9 pin tube. But this is really a blessing in disguise as the tube is in great supply. And I can get plenty of NOS at unbelievable prices...most under $10 buck. I run Valvo NOS ECC91s and the amp is outstanding...sounds great and can drive just about any speaker out there. I love it.

- Byron F, MO