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Price is amazing

Built quality exceeds the price point by a mile. Recognized as one of the best amps for powerful dynamic sound and tubelike sweetness. Makes my digital recording sound like analog. Price is amazing for what you get!

- A.M., FL
Pure delight

I own the SV-236, the nearly identical predecessor to the 237. So maybe this review is not relevant. But I LOVE the 236 and if anything were to ever happen to it would turn around and buy this replacement model. I have owned two sets of speakers and two SACD players with the Vincent and its a monster, but a monster with a pure soul. There is no end to its power, which I need with my watt hogging B&W speakers. And it brings out all of the detail in the B&Ws. There is a purity to the sound that is simply devine. I don't even use the treble and bass. Its set on the bypass which defeats both as it supposedly creates less interference. So there is literally nothing to mess with. Just turn it on and adjust volume. A friend talked me into buying the Vincent. had never heard of it. It makes the system I am convinced. BTW, I still have the original tubes after 7 years of use. One little quibble. the volume control on the remote is super sensitive. touching the "up" button increases volume quite a bit. the same in reverse. But I can deal with that compared with all the pluses! I'd buy it again in a minute. I don't think an audiophile needs to spend a penny more! :-

- Frank A, FL

The vincent sv 237 is a pleasure to own and I have owned several audiophile intergrated amps in the past of greater price. But none that offered such musical insight except for a Nakamichi that I missed. So thanks to Vincent I am happy again.

- Art C, KY
Startlingly Real Sound - Nine out of Ten.

Both the dog and I are constantly startled by the appearance of voices and instruments in the room with us. The soundstaging, especially the depth and height, is spectacular. But it is the timbre of voices and instruments where the Vincent particularly scores. It imparts a depth and solidity to the sound of each instrument - no imagination is required. Closing the eyes, it is all in the room with you. The dynamics of the amp are superb with a very strong and clear bass. No frequencies are missing from the bass to treble. Oodles of power. The unit is very solidly and beautifully built and finished, as is the remote. The amp is in my opinion overly bright in the lower treble, putting the upper harmonics of some voices very forward and in-your-face, moderately fatiguing. I have tamed this somewhat by switching out the three stock China 12AX7 tubes for three JJ 12AX7s. Caveat - all of the above is in my system where system interactions may be relevant. However, I have had four amplifiers in my system so can compare them. Very good value for money.

- E. W, MN