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Love The Sound

Recently did a major upgrade in my phono components. A brand new Thorens TD-309 turntable, Ortofon 2M Black, and Morrow cables. This Vincent piece was the final piece of the system that has totally blown me away. Vinyl from 20-30 years ago has never sounded so good. This phono preamp not only looks great, but sounds awesome. Love it! Shipped promptly and well-packed. Immediately switched-out the stock tube for the Premium Grade Psvane 12AU7-T Mark Ⅱ Vacuum tube and very pleased. Two thumbs up.

Sounds Live

Sounds like the Rolling Stones are playing right here in my room!

BIG Sonic Upgrade Over PHO-8

I owned the Vincent PHO-8 for two years now and thought I'd give the full tube version a try. Awesome! The PHO-8 was a big upgrade over the phono stage in my Rotel preamp, but the PHO-700 is in a different league. It is very quiet. All the details, great soundstage, mind-blowing headroom and tube warmth with both MM & MC cartridges. It's bigger in size than the PHO-8, but also much better.

- DR James, VT
Does everything a good that a good phono amp should do-

This pre amp has been mated with a Pioneer PLX-1000-N turn table, Ortofon 2M Black cartridge and the Ortofon 7N head shell tone arm wire. The cables are Zu Audio Mission RCA and BoK Power. The stock tube has been changed to a New Old Stock RCA from Kevin Deal and the fuse replaced with a HiFi Tuning Silver fuse This phono amp in my system is dead quiet. There is no noise or hum. I am quite impressed with the attack, transient and decay. After runnng the gamut of vinyl, I can tell it will need more play before it is fully at full potential. Also, the 2M Black goes with it well. The Denon 103R not so much. This phono amp does everything that a good phono amp should do. It is quieter than the Bellari and more revealing than the Cambridge and original Parasound Z Phono. The only phono amps I can name by name that are significantly better are the Parasound JC and the Modwright. I am extremely happy with this units operation and performance. Again, dead quiet in my system- If your looking to purchase this from Audio Advisor and a first time customer, rest assured top notch service from these guys- Been coming back for around 14 years. Have never had a bad experience.

- Busychild 9, VA
what an upgrade from Belari VP130

what an improvement in sound-stage, clarity, bass, etc. using with VPI scout Jr., GRADO reference platinum cartridge, through vac tube jolida amp using gold lion KT77. Sounds great to me. I want to tube roll the Vincent with USA tubes nos and cables to compare them.

- stephen g, CA
I thought the pre amp in my A-S1000 was darn good... how wrong I was

I feel compelled to take the time to review this outstanding product. It has made as much or more improvement to my system than the speakers I chose. And those made a huge improvement. They are the Polk LSiM-703's. If you don't have these speakers, buy them. At any price. They blow away all the towers I've ever owned and I've had many. As for this little preamp, it is nothing less than spectacular. I always thought the preamp in my Yamaha A-S1000 was darn good. How wrong I was... The amplifier itself is stellar, I would buy it again in a heartbeat, but the preamp is boring. It doesn't hold a candle to the Vincent PHO-700. I chose these words carefully... It sounds beautiful. Reverb and echo take on a whole new meaning. The clarity of cymbals is spellbinding. Real. Not harsh. Begging for more volume. My Counting Crows August and Everything 45rpm LP was hardly playable before it was so brash, I now find it one of my favorites. How can a preamp make so much difference? It has to be the Love Bottle, there is no other explanation! ;- The bass? It's tight, very tight, and meaty. Never flabby. It compliments my sub beautifully Definitive Technology Pro Sub 800, another stellar performer, very tight and musical, no port to chuff, only a driver and a passive radiator With this preamp, I'm now blowing away CD's. Before I had a few songs on LP that would better the CD. Now it's no contest. I don't even feel the need to A/B test them anymore. It would be a waste of time. I'm currently running the Denon DL-110 high output moving coil cartridge on the MC side of the Vincent much more dynamic than on the MM side Before this preamp, I was considering a cart change. After much research I was looking at either the Hana EL, or the AT OC9/III. Both sounded as though they would offer me a little better sound, but after a friend suggested I try a dedicated preamp, I agreed to first give that a try. Turns out it was a wise choice... after listening to this Vincent for about 10 hours now, I highly doubt those carts would have done what this preamp has. It's just fantastic. It really is true as others have mentioned, this little amp will breathe new life into your record collection. I can't believe how forgiving it is with records that were brash and brittle before. And the great sounding ones Sade, Diamond Life Audio Fidelity Gatefold are truly magical! I'm hearing a coherence to the music that was never there before. If there are 3 or 4 backup singers, they don't just sound like a group, you hear each voice, clearly and independently. On Steely Dan's, Peg, someone sings the word "Peg" very lightly in the background. I thought I heard it before, but now it's clear as a bell. Instruments all have a distinct place in the soundstage. It really does bring a smile to your face. I'm not kidding. This addition to my system has made a real and quantifiable difference. I'm truly sitting here as we speak, listening to John Mellencamp's Nothing Matters, and it sounds rich, warm and clear. Before, all his LP's were a little dry, a little hot at the top end and mid's in your face. I LOVE his older music but had to keep the volume down to tolerate it. Now, BRING ON THE VOLUME! I don't want to turn them off, as there is now no ear fatigue. The Vincent PHO-700. Get one, the build quality will impress you and you won't be sorry. Be sure to order a Tug-Sol 12AU7 tube to break it in with, no reason to waste your time with the stock Cheena bottle... Yamaha A-S1000 Amplifier Music Hall MMF-7.1 Turntable mounted to granite slab on four 2" Sorbothane pucks Denon DL-110 Cartridge giant killer to be sure, but an upgrade coming soon Vincent PHO-700 Preamp with aftermarket Tung-Sol 12AU7 bottle Cambridge Azur 651C Compact Disc Panamax MR4300 Power Conditioner Monoprice 12ga Speaker Wire money better spent on this preamp!! KabelDirekt Pro Series Interconnects

- Scott S, CA
Huge Improvement!

Wow, I am totally shocked by how much the Vincent PHO 700 has improved the sound of my vinyl playback! I was previously using a Bellari VP129 phono stage which I thought was a decent phono stage until I swapped it out with the Vincent. I was bowled over by the huge improvement! Detail, timing, drive, base and the almost totally silent background noise, Im assuming that comes from the separate power supply. I had become frustrated with a lack of detail and a graininess to the sound of my previous set up with the Bellari and was beginning to blame it on my Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge. But when I hooked up this Vincent combo all that disappeared and replaced it with beautiful music! It seems to be an excellent match with my Clearaudio turntable. I realize you can purchase much better equipment, but for the price this Vincent combo is hard to beat! Highly recommended!

Peter A
More Than Expected

I was using a Counterpoint SA-3000 preamp which is no slouch with a tube phono section, till it went kaput some time ago, had it repaired but the phono section sounded tubby and not worth listening to but the upgraded line section was magic. So this year for Xmas Santa brought me the Pho-700. First I cant comment on how the stock tube sounds as looking through the window and seeing made in China on the tube was not going to work for me... I ordered a 1950 Raython tube for it and put a Pangea AC-14 SE on it, a clear day cables silver interconnect. A new Grado Gold 1 with a 8MZ stylus on a Yamaha PX-3 and sat back and was mesmerized, I was hoping it would sound as good as the SA-3000 when it worked but its so much better then I remember, The bass response is incredible the mid range is awesome, the top end is not perfect but its so much better than before, I will need a better cartridge to get a perfect top end but I do so love the Grado sound. Best $500 spent on the system in a long time, well for less then the $800 asking price I got the PHO-700 new tubes and cables and Im in Vinyl heaven. Incredible sound stage, wonderful dynamics such a liquid sound, now all I need is a record cleaning machine...

- Paul D, OR

Detailed and lush and beautiful sounding. I could not believe my ears and how much this unit transformed my system and vinyl listening pleasure. My NAD C-162 has a pretty good phono section but nothing compared to the PHO-700. Give it a try you will not be disappointed.