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Huge Improvement!

Wow, I am totally shocked by how much the Vincent PHO 700 has improved the sound of my vinyl playback! I was previously using a Bellari VP129 phono stage which I thought was a decent phono stage until I swapped it out with the Vincent. I was bowled over by the huge improvement! Detail, timing, drive, base and the almost totally silent background noise, Im assuming that comes from the separate power supply. I had become frustrated with a lack of detail and a graininess to the sound of my previous set up with the Bellari and was beginning to blame it on my Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge. But when I hooked up this Vincent combo all that disappeared and replaced it with beautiful music! It seems to be an excellent match with my Clearaudio turntable. I realize you can purchase much better equipment, but for the price this Vincent combo is hard to beat! Highly recommended!

Peter A
More Than Expected

I was using a Counterpoint SA-3000 preamp which is no slouch with a tube phono section, till it went kaput some time ago, had it repaired but the phono section sounded tubby and not worth listening to but the upgraded line section was magic. So this year for Xmas Santa brought me the Pho-700. First I cant comment on how the stock tube sounds as looking through the window and seeing made in China on the tube was not going to work for me... I ordered a 1950 Raython tube for it and put a Pangea AC-14 SE on it, a clear day cables silver interconnect. A new Grado Gold 1 with a 8MZ stylus on a Yamaha PX-3 and sat back and was mesmerized, I was hoping it would sound as good as the SA-3000 when it worked but its so much better then I remember, The bass response is incredible the mid range is awesome, the top end is not perfect but its so much better than before, I will need a better cartridge to get a perfect top end but I do so love the Grado sound. Best $500 spent on the system in a long time, well for less then the $800 asking price I got the PHO-700 new tubes and cables and Im in Vinyl heaven. Incredible sound stage, wonderful dynamics such a liquid sound, now all I need is a record cleaning machine...

- Paul D, OR

Detailed and lush and beautiful sounding. I could not believe my ears and how much this unit transformed my system and vinyl listening pleasure. My NAD C-162 has a pretty good phono section but nothing compared to the PHO-700. Give it a try you will not be disappointed.