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Blown Away

I just got this from Audio Advisor. It sounds great right out of the box! Simple set up. If this sounds better after break-in period, I will be astounded. Great product! Great buy!

- Doug R, FL
vincent pho 8

first time i sweetch to vincent pho8 i have noise in my speakers,and dont know why? but the sounding was wonderful,great low end,nice mid and lovely hi.and i want to say this gave soul yo my turntable,really hi end sounding.

- Iman H, INT
Good things in small packages.

Overall I am pleased with this unit. It is far from quiet: if you get within a metre of the speakers and turn it up you will hear quite a woosh. But, from listening position, it will put a smile on your face. It takes a minmum of 20 hours to come on song, and I would argue to leave it on over a long-weekend, and listen to the change. Great soundstage, handles transients as quickly as your turntable will throw them. Very musical- a great match for my Vincent valve amp.

- David M, INT