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Wise Investment

A wise investment for minimal cost. Fantastic looking and heavy duty. I use with HiFiMan HE-400i and Sennheiser HD800s. this stand keeps them off the desk and supported properly.

Gunther V
The Stand To Get

This one was more expensive than the $30-$40 stands out there but its worth it. Made of solid metal - aluminum - and is not easy to knock over. The headphone cradle has the perfect curve for my Sennheiser HD700 & Audeze LCD headphones and the height is adjustable to accomodate just about any headphone on the market. As far as I'm concerned the Woo IS THE STAND TO GET.

- Robert G, KS

Super high quality. Works perfectly.

- E.D. Timmon, FL
Definitely Worth It

Great headphone stand that looks great. Very solid. Made out of metal. Packaging was carefully done. Definitely worth the price.

- Sandy C, HI
Very well made

Very well made stand. Holds two large premium-type headphones with no issues. Adjustable height, too. Solid feel. Using with my HiFiMan Edition X and Stax SR-009.

- Mickey D, OR
Extremely happy

Another well done Woo Audio product! This headphone stand is very heavy - that's a very positive thing as it provides a solid, weighty base for any pair of headphones you might have. Its appearance is incredibly striking up on a shelf and it is a purchase I'm extremely happy with

- Delco C, TX
Works Perfectly

Good product that works perfectly. Looks great. A bit prices for what it is ... but then you always pay a little bit extra for quality. If you need a headphone stand it is hard to find anything better than this.

- H.M., IN