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Audiophile Sound and Rock Solid Build

I've owned this amp for several years and can attest to the WA2's sonic capabilities and build quality. With the proper system components and tube selection this unit delivers top-tier audiophile sonic reproduction. In my arrangement I have zero noise i.e. it's absolutely dead silent. If you have a passion to research reviews for tube selection and enjoy continually improving your system then the WA2 can be very rewarding.

- John S, NE
Spectacular Sound but Noisy

I am using the WA2 as a preamp with a Vincent SP-331 amp, a Marantz SACD, and a Project Turntable with Blue Point No. 2 MC cartridge. I have battled ground loop, RF noise, and DC line hum ever since I bought the Woo nearly 2 mos. ago. One connecting cable even created microphonic noise: I could tap the front of the Woo and get a drum noise from my speakers! I would have given up in frustration except this preamps sound provides a WOW factor that neither solid state Parasound nor hybrid Vincent preamps could come close to. Everyone likes to blame tubes for the noise, but I have an all-tube system in another room that has a very low noise floor. The turntable/cartridge were especially noisy through the Woo. I finally found the solution in replacing the Musical Surroundings Nova II phono preamp--since it was battery-operated, I thought it would reduce the noise--with an all-tube icon Audio phono preamp. yes--more tubes cured the noise, although the separate power supply of this unit likely had more to do with it. I am now enjoying a satisfying sound stage and incredible dynamics though at a system cost that went far beyond what I was expecting. For those considering the Woo as a preamp, the biggest noise reducers, in addition to the phono stage change, were disabling the ground plug to the Woo while plugging it into the same outlet as the grounded amp and moving the turntable and the Woo away from the amp which apparently broadcasts some RF noise itself. Cabling constructed for combating noise also helped.

- D, ID