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The Thing

I purchased this AMP from Audio Advisor a month ago, after breaking in the amp things started to get better and better, for my ears this is max quality I can catch, I did tube rolling to see the difference to be honest 5998 with 7308 is the thing also I m using my HD650 with this amps which makes sound even more sweeter and very relaxing.

- Muhammad T, MI
this is a GREAT SOUNDING headphone amp

I tried a lot of hobbyist headphone amps and several big name factory made headamps, most using op amps in the signal path. They all sounded flat and dry, no life to the music. I was about to give up on headphone listening when I read a rave review on the Woo Audio 3 tube amp. I ordered one and found it infinitely better than any solid state amp I had tried before. Deciding to take some more advice from the internet, I started tube rolling. Wow! With good NOS tubes like Tungsol and Amperex the Woo 3 goes to a whole nuther level. The music is more organic and alive. Lots of detail and dynamics. Bass like I never heard before on headphones. The Woo 3 plays nicely with Sennheiser HD650, Grado PS500, Denon D2000 just to name a few. Cant imagine anyone not liking the sound of this amp. Its been in the Woo stable for a while now and I would expect into the foreseeable future. Highly recommended.

- Jim T, NC