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Highly recommended

I already own two other headphone amps - the Grado RA-1 and Fiio E12 Mont Blanc and bought this amp after buying the AKG K712PRO headphones because with the AKGs my system begged to be upgraded. Ended up using Audioquest Dragonfly Red USB DAC and the Woo amp for my main listening. Setup was a breeze. Tubes are still factory and a long way from being burned in but the sound has opened up tremendously and the headphones began to become much more dynamic with an excellent presentation of stage & depth. I like the amp and setup with all music types so far. The amp is highly recommended

Jonathan P
Woo WA6 Mini Review

Mini Woo WA6 Review: Headpones: Shure SRH 1840 w/stock cable Source Component: Marantz UD 5007 Interconnects: Audioquest Sidewinder 2 meter RCA. No name brand power cord. A spare that was lying around. Woo ships the unit without a power cord Music: Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, Remastered 30th Anniversary SACD, Steely Dan Gaucho Remastered 2004 MCA Records DVD-A Steely Dan Countdown to Ecstasy, Universal Japan SHM SACD Valve compliment is Shu Guang rectifier and Sylvania 6DR7 drivers. Stock What I can say is this: The WA6 is extraordinarily coherent across the spectrum. Music never gets jumbled. Complex passages stay focused with all instruments clearly discernable and placed in space. The Woo doesnt cheat in this regard the way that far to many audio components do. That itself gets a very big thumbsup from me. Warm up time to optimal performance is about 40 minutes. Not unexpected for valves. Right in line with my other valve gear. Dead quiet operation without any trace of hum or background noise. Almost solid state in this regard. Transparent to the source. Excellent decay, delivers strong bass and clear sparkling highs when the source material possesses it. Always seems to get the mid-range just right. Very natural voice presentation. Does not veil the source, so it can sound thin and uninspiring on poorly mastered material. Didnt sound very Valvey at first. The stock set of valves sounds a bit more linear with less body than others Ive heard. That said, these tubes are not dark or rolled off which is a sonic signature that I would not care for. The Sylvania drivers gets the high end right. Could use a bit more of the kiss of romance that some of the better made valve gear always seems to deliver. Solution to this is obviously valve rolling. Plays effortlessly to very high volume levels unsafe levels without strain or or distortion. Verdict: 4 out of 5 Stars. Caveat: Could improve to 5 stars with better valves, power cord and interconnects.

- Fred J, LA

Woooooo. Mids are rich. Analog warmth, and highs smooth as silk. Bass texture is excellent, dynamics a bit restrained in the most difficult passages. If you like warmth associated with tubes, this is the one. A bit thick on some tracks, compared Burson Soloist. Noise floor is very low. Paired with a quality source, this amp sings and rocks. Headphones: Beautiful with Grados.

- Pete M, ON
Superb high-end tube sound at a reasonable price

I have owned the WA6 for two years now and this is my 3rd headphone amp. 1st was a Creek OBH-8, 2nd a ASL MG Head MK2, and last a Perreaux SHX1. All were decent sounding on some recordings, and with certain headphones, but the WA6 offers more versatility due to its low/high impedance selector. This combined with the high quality parts and well selected tube choices offers incredible sonics and great tube rolling options.

- Dave B, OR