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Woooooo. Mids are rich. Analog warmth, and highs smooth as silk. Bass texture is excellent, dynamics a bit restrained in the most difficult passages. If you like warmth associated with tubes, this is the one. A bit thick on some tracks, compared Burson Soloist. Noise floor is very low. Paired with a quality source, this amp sings and rocks. Headphones: Beautiful with Grados.

- Pete M, ON
Superb high-end tube sound at a reasonable price

I have owned the WA6 for two years now and this is my 3rd headphone amp. 1st was a Creek OBH-8, 2nd a ASL MG Head MK2, and last a Perreaux SHX1. All were decent sounding on some recordings, and with certain headphones, but the WA6 offers more versatility due to its low/high impedance selector. This combined with the high quality parts and well selected tube choices offers incredible sonics and great tube rolling options.

- Dave B, OR