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Five Stars

After lusting after the Class A-rated Auralic Vega DAC for a long time I finally decided to take the plunge with the Altair which offers a similar version of the Vega DAC plus a built-in music streamer. First off, its a beautiful piece of gear and construction is first-rate. It's smartly designed - fifteen total inputs - Wow! - I've never seen or heard of a piece of digital gear with so many options - including full DXD and DSD compatibility. So far I haven't tried any DSD files, but my hi-res FLAC files sound amazing. For general 'back-ground' listening I'm also streaming TIDAL which I think is the best streaming service. Here's my synopsis: Construction: 10. Features: 10. Sound quality: 9.0 - its the best sounding DAC I've had in my system, but I haven't heard everything out there. That's 4.5 stars, but I'm rounding up to five stars.

- Sreek, CA
Five Stars

As an engineer I must first compliment Auralic on the beauty of the internal design, layout and construction. Impressive. And I can't stop there. The beauty of the interior is reflected in the cleanliness and amazing detail of the sound. I won't claim to have 'golden ears' but the Altair easily bests anything I've heard in my system - including my $1K Musical Fidelity DAC - and it's an all-in-one. Like I said, its impressive.

- Peter J, INT
Thank You Auralic!

I just want to thank Auralic for creating a product that hits all the right notes for me and makes me a very happy listener. I'm very impressed with both the hardware - construction quality - and the easy of use of your software. What I love most about the Altair is that it simplifies my system - because it combines the streamer and dac functions - without compromising my sound on bit. Thank you!

Trace Jones
Very Happy

I'm very happy with the Altair and I'm especially enjoying all the music selections provided by TIDAL streaming.

- Clare, MD
Fantastic Solution!

What a great machine! In use now for six weeks. I replaced the Aries Mini with the Altair and there are galaxies between the two. With the Altair, you can definately forget both PC and Mac streaming solutions - the Altair handles all that and sounds much, much better. I don't know any product on the market near this price that can compete with it. Fantastic solution!

- Strider B, NE